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Using Humic Acid in agriculture improves the structure of soil, increases crop yields, retains moisture, makes plants stronger and pest resistant, and encourages aeration of the roots by providing plants with nutrients. Fulvic Acid also contributes to the conversion of minerals from an insoluble form to a soluble form through the release of carbonic gas, which equates to more crop production and higher yields for less money per acre! Increases crop yields an average of 30%.

  • Increase root uptake by 40%.
  • Detoxifies the soil by eliminating heavy metals, pesticides, and toxins.
  • Humic Colloidal Minerals and Fish are Safe and Effective.
  • Humic Acid is the electrolyte that enables plants to absorb nutrients.
  • Stimulates microbe counts in the soil.
  • Increases early ripening and crop uniformity.
  • Assists with seed germination.
  • Allows crops to become Super Foods - vitamin, mineral, and nutrient rich.
  • Crops will require less water.
  • Makes organic matter stable.
  • Conditions soil.
  • Stimulates enzyme production in plants and soil.
  • Crops will be more pest resistant, naturally.