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I have been taking the chaga mushrooms and the fulvic acid for over a month, and recently added the pine oil. I have noticed a remarkable uplifted feeling- like I am so healthy and calm but energized. I have also had a noticeable improvement in my skin. I am 47 years old, and my skin is looking firmer, and radiant and younger! I am so happy to have found these products.

«««  AS from CT

Optimally Organic has been a wonderful blessing to me -- not just through their products, but also by sharing their wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience.  I know it's a long one, but I feel my story has a wonderful testimony to the goodness of Optimally Organic.  I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome from a long battle of pneumonia (off and on for two years) and struggle with Epstein Barr virus, constant illnesses (for five more years), serious muscle atrophy (causing random falling), and somehow a parasite(s) (that sucked the life out of me).   After seeing many doctors (big expenses and made me temporarily better but worse in long run) and two years seeing a specialized doctor in chronic fatigue syndrome (which was generally helpful but not healing), I was desperate to find something that can truly help me gain my normal health again!  I finally realized that no matter how strict of an organic only diet with no sugar, no gluten, no pork, no medicines, and taking too many raw oral vitamins --- it was not enough.  My body could not absorb the nutrients nor stay hydrated.  I felt like I was dieing!  I just couldn't understand how my health went from running two to three times a day with so much energy and so glowingly healthy and positive to the very opposite during seven long years.  I wanted so desperately to feel well again.  After much dedication in prayer, I asked God to heal me and that very day I found Optimally Organic.  I felt peaceful to trust them.  And, I couldn't believe they actually had a chronic fatigue category (deal packages), amazing reviews (Testimonials), and as I kept reading....I didn't think it could get better, but it did...not only are they organic, sustainable, fair trade focused, but they are a Christian based company who believes in conducting business in a Christlike manner with a true heart to help others (About Us)....And frankly, it shows!  Brandon is my contact there and he has been a dream to work with in every way!  You can tell he cares so much.  He demonstrates the most impressive customer service providing such detailed answers to my (oh so many) questions.  Brandon is a blessing...he has inspired me to have hope and strength to endure this journey of healing.  He responds quickly and confident that he can help.  Understanding my each and every issue, he delicately addresses each one of them!  He suggested a full detox (bac cleanse kit)....combined with ONLY organic raw vegetables and distilled water for 90 days!!!!  Wow!  Now, that was an adjustment!  Thankfully after the first week of healing crisis challenges, week two offered a whole new relief as I started to feel like I actually had some energy, stamina, good sleep, and was more focus minded.  I finally felt hope that I could gain good health again for the first time in many years!   My moments of hopelessness, emotions, sadness, and desperation, came to a holt as I was experiencing results.  I was so excited and thankful!  Yes, this has been a long cleanse generally speaking and such a change in diet...and I have gotten off track here and there, but I can tell you the results are incredible!  I kept track of a few things along the way hoping one day I could perhaps inspire others....

  • Feelings:  constant hopeless emotions to now minimal moments of happy tears
  • Exhaustion:  feeling of a desperate need to rest or lay down every couple of hours to solid full days of good work and more constant energy....and lots more smiles :)
  • Sleep:  12-14 hours of sleep per night to 7-9 hours
  • Mental focus:  became ADHD to the max needing to write everything down with almost no memory and no focus to being able to think and remember conversations (very embarrassing) and feel confident about having a full day and being able to handle it with good focus and memory retention
  • Expense:   Spent approx $2400/month in doctors visits and 64 supplements, energy & Vitamin C shots, blood transfusions, ongoing tests to approx $125/month with Optimally Organic PAC cleanse package plus a tiny grocery bill of organic raw vegetables and distiller water!  No more vitamins...how wonderful!
  • Nourishment:  I was in the red in several areas of nutrition because I could not absorb it.  And, now it is more than evident just by looking at me and how I feel!!!  I've had so many people ask me what I am doing as they can see my change...even staff in the grocery store.
  • Motivation:   I am naturally motivated, but these illnesses stripped me of my life depleting my energy levels that one could not imagine, and now I feel ready to take on projects and take walks and still keep on going.
  • Exercise:  Sadly, I was not to walk more than 5 minutes a day under doctors care with my muscles atrophying so much, but now I am finally able to take walks with my husband and keep up with my puppy weim at 8 months old for an hour almost daily.
  • Hope:  I almost lost hope being so very ill as I almost died several times. However, through these trials and much prayer, I decided to be fully committed in my walk with Christ.  Through my dedication and heart change, new hope with a new direction for healing came.  I am so glad he lead me to Optimally Organic!  I will press on with this new hope and dedicated prayers to reverse these illnesses and pray for others to find this company and experience healing, too!

Thank you, Optimally Organic, for all that you have done and your trust in the Lord.  Your guidance, patience, and wisdom along with your quality products have been a wonderful experience.  I am so gratefully blessed to have the chance to walk this journey together.   Thank you for helping me get my life back!  I am honored to be your client.

May God continue to Bless you.
««« Roxane from Georgia

I'm normally not in the habit of writing about products I purchase, however concerning your raw chocolate (Raw Cacao Powder), it is unbelievable.  This has provided the missing link in my morning smoothie.  I've been adding 1-2 Tbls of your raw chocolate, along with banana, apple, ..greens, coconut meat.  Results are amazing!  I'm 59 years old.  This has given me so much more energy, especially considering we had several days of extreme heat in the NY area.  Thanks so much for carrying this product.  I will continue to purchase it when I run low and will also recommend it to all my friends.  Regards. 
««« Dennis from New York

WOW! ...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  It is VERY rare that someone EVER receives such EXCELLENT customer service.  
««« Christina from Massachusetts

My 88 year old mom is doing great using the Fulvic Ionic Minerals.  Thank you for great products. 
««« Jayce from Oklahoma

I received your products today... I immediately took 10 drops of Fulvic Acid (Fulvic Ionic Minerals) in Water.  It tasted a bit strong, but ok.  Maybe I need more water :-)  After 10 minutes my back pain went away.  Is that possible???  Then I took 10 drops of the Red Pine Needle Oil and got an instant energy boost.  Terrific!  and I tasted the Full Spectrum Daily (Superfood Powder Blend).  What a marvelous taste.  I'm so happy with these products!!!!!  That's what I expected.  Finally I found the perfect Fulvic Acid.  You are right.  It is the best in the world!
««« Sebastian from Hamburg, Germany

I am loving this Red Pine Needle Oil.  Thank you for supplying this Oil and the Fulvic Ionic Minerals.  I am feeling a lot better since starting them only a month ago.  
««« Stephanie from Georgia

Your products are an integral part of my day.  Many thanks and blessings. 
««« Barbara from California

I want you to know that I feel and look simply AMAZING.  YOUR PRODUCTS ARE THE BEST ON PLANET EARTH.  I'm only able to purchase the Coconut Oil today, but within the next two weeks I will purchase the Noni Juice and Acai Berry.  My previous products are BEYOND BELIEF.  The Red Pine Needle Oil, Fulvic Ionic Minerals, Full Spectrum Daily and the Maqui Berry are potent and DELIVER.  I LOVE EVERYTHING AND IT WORKS!!!  I will be restocking within 2 weeks.  

2 days later...
Once again I'm BLESSED ABUNDANTLY to have found your website!! I placed (my first) order about a month ago and although I wanted to try the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, after several disappointing purchases of ""pure"" Coconut Oils before, I decided not to... I was and still am so impressed with the amazing benefits of my first order that I decided to place my order for the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  MY MY MY, I received my order in record time, 2 days later just like my first order, and I tried it today for the first time.  THIS OIL IS DELICIOUS.  This is real time, it tastes so darn good it makes me want to use profanity (smile) LOL!  I CAN'T BELIEVE THE TASTE AND MY HAIR AND SKIN IMMEDIATELY FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!!  For anyone that wants the best products that DELIVER TRUE RESULTS AND HEAL THE BODY AND SOUL, don't hesitate, you will be AMAZED AT THE SUPERIOR QUALITY OF Optimally Organic, and they also have the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!  MAY GOD FOREVER BLESS YOU.  PLEASE DON'T EVER CHANGE!!!!  You have a LOYAL CLIENT FOR LIFE!!  Your products have improved my life!! I can't explain how it feels to be TRULY HEALTHY!!  
««« JuliAna from California

As a Chinese Medicine student, there are very few herbs that we would recommend to take everyday - only if they balance out the yin/yang.  Your products and company are the real deal.  I am so incredibly excited to have found you and can't wait to order other products. 
««« Andrea from Illinois

My wife and I are pleased with your Maqui Berry Powder.
««« Edwin from South Carolina

I received the wonderful products a week ago (Fulvic Ionic Minerals, Red Pine Needle Oil, Maca Root Powder, Full Spectrum Daily Superfood Blend, and Wheatgrass Juice Powder) and started immediately.  Am working up to a full dose as you recommended... I love the feeling I get when I take your products. 
««« Karen from Arizona

I had my first 12 drops (of Fulvic Ionic Minerals) at 4a.m.  This is amazing, I feel great.  I'll be ordering more product next week and thanks for the suggestions. 
««« Cecil from California

I found your website in 2006 when I was searching for natural products to help with my Leaky Gut Syndrome and all its painful and devastating symptoms.  I was so ill I didn't want to add anything else to my protocol at that time for fear of an anaphylaxis reaction to a foreign  protein.  Fast forward to 2011 and I was led back again to your site.  This time I ordered the Fulvic Ionic Minerals.  It has been less than two weeks and for the first time in five years my pH has gone from  6.2 - 6.6 to 7.0!  I know its starting to do something.  As an Oriental Medical student using the concepts of Ying and Yang, I believe these minerals are deeply Yin coming from the moist soil vs. a mountainous crust.  My herb professor believes (Ph.D with 30 years of experience) that we have to nurture the Yin as we get older.  I believe these minerals give us an amazing Yin foundation.  I am so grateful to have incorporated this into my health regimen and it's only been two weeks.  I can't wait to try other products and see how my body will re-balance itself on these minerals.  Thank-You Optimally Organic!!!
««« Andrea from W. Evanston, Illinois

I would like to thank you for your product line,  I would also like to thank you for your desire to please our Lord Jesus Christ in your comments on your about us page.  I am so very grateful to people who are in business and stand firm first for the Truth!  Thank you and have a blessed Memorial weekend!
««« Tamara from Michigan

We just received our shipment of the Fulvic Acid (Fulvic Ionic Minerals).  It really tastes good, thanks!
««« Harry from Ohio

You are my favorite online store.  I appreciate your high consciousness in this sometimes crazy cyberworld. Blessings to you all. 
««« Cate from Oregon

The Cacao Butter, Cacao Beans, Red Pine Needle Oil and Fulvic Ionic Minerals are my favorites too! I'm very excited to have them again, I've been nursing the last little chunk of my cacao butter for too long. Blessings. 
««« Jamie from Minnesota

To anyone considering purchasing the Japanese Red Pine Needle Oil (aka Pinus densiflora oil) from Optimally Organic-especially for Moregllan's sufferers, my name is Gail and I wish to give my testimony and endorsement regarding the efficacy of this wonderful medicine from mother nature.  For years I have suffered with a skin condition that was initially diagnosed by my MD as scabies.  However, after repeated applications of the good doctor's prescribed cream I was beset with what I believed to be recurring infections.  After 2-3 visits to my MD I gave up going, not only because nothing helped that she prescribed, but also because of being treated with a good deal of sarcasm on my last visit. 

So, after three years of applying neat tea tree oil, neem oil and also taking soaks in various kinds of herbal baths, which all helped temporarily, still this nasty condition kept coming back.  Finally, after some practical advice from Optimally Organic, I did some thorough research and realized I had contracted Morgellans.  The horror stories I read on the net seemed all too familiar.  The despair and the terrible fatigue, and being a self imposed social outcast.  Now, instead of feeling isolated I understood that many others suffered from this weird and socially unacceptable, and never properly diagnosed, skin disease/rash.

I followed Optimally Organic's advice about diet and dosing myself with Japanese Red Pine Needle Oil and the Fulvic Ionic Minerals for extra absorption, energy and efficacy.  I was completely serious about the diet change and taking the Japanese Red Pine Needle Oil and Fulvic Ionic Minerals 3 times a day for a minimum of three months.  The diet requires giving up all forms of sugar...which includes, of course, all fruits, honey, any alcohol, white bread, white rice and white potatoes.  Wow!!  Sounds limiting but brown rice, sweet potatoes and yams, whole grain sprouted breads etc are wonderfully filling and satisfying, and great for weight and mood control.  I am already a vegetarian so know how to keep well and strong on beans, nuts, seeds, nut and seed butters, tofu, tempeh, lentils and an unending array of veggies. Meat is definitely out if you want to get cured. So...Within 48 to 72  hours the relief I felt was amazing!  I had the best night's sleep in years and the burning, skin crawling, itching had completely gone.  Eight weeks later all my sores had healed and the marks were barely perceptible. However, a word of caution to all who want to get well from this disease.  Don't make the mistake that I did.  I have had a life long sweet tooth and chocolate is my drug of choice!  I resumed eating chocolate before the three month ban was up...and behold some little sores reappeared.  I went back to the sugar restriction and maintained taking the Japanese Red Pine Needle Oil and Fulvic Acid and again... within a couple of days I got total relief. Now I eat fruit in moderation, and occasionally have chocolate... and have replaced wine with probiotic 'fizzy' drinks.  My sweet tooth is satisfied using Stevia... the most amazing little gift for the sugarholics among us. My life is reclaimed!!  Yes, I have my life back and give thanks from my heart to all at Optimally Organic for providing the purest, safest and most effective health supplements/natural medicinals available on the market... I thank them for their conviction and for sharing their knowledge and faith. I thank God for Christopher, Dana and the staff at Optimally Organic and their incredible products!!
««« Gail from N. California

Hello:)  I AM in love with your Fulvic Acid (Fulvic Ionic Minerals)! I can not believe my energy! Now looking at the Japanese Red Pine Needle Oil. THANK YOU! 
««« Anne from California

I have benefited greatly from your Fulvic Ionic Minerals and Japanese Red Pine Needle Oil products; from lessening hot flashes and good sleep to bringing back my natural hair color.
««« Noemi from Texas

The Cacao Butter tastes fantastic. All your products are truly blessed! Thank you!
««« Inger from California 

I have been praying for God's wisdom and discernment concerning my health purchases and I believe He led me to the right place!
««« Jean from Florida

I just wanted to let you know that I started my husband on your Essiac Tea when he got cancer. There were 6 people in our little valley that had cancer all at the same time. My husband and our lady friend both drank the tea, several years later they are both alive. The other 4 passed away. Thank you very much for giving us hope.
««« Stella from Washington

I just ordered organic cacao beans from you guys. I'm using them for a school project to show everyone how to make their own chocolate! Its so nice to see companies who care about the customer's need for organic and the worker's need for fair wages!
««« Karen from New Jersey

Hi, I am really pleased with your Fulvic Acid (Fulvic Ionic Minerals). I swear it has helped in so many ways, one is my hair is changing. I lost hair from thyroid disease and it seems to be coming back in as it seems thicker, like I have more of it. Thanks So Much! As soon as I can I'll be ordering more of your products. Red Pine Needle Oil is on my list along with more Fulvic Acid (Fulvic Ionic Minerals).
««« Lois from Florida

Great delivery service! I can't believe that I got my order so fast!!! Also I was impressed with how you packed the Japanese Red Pine Needle Oil (most people would probably keep the dropper in the bottle and not think of the consequences). Thank you for such quality products!!!
««« Della from California

I have noticed that my skin is very soft, clear and silky and I have only been on the Fulvic Acid (Fulvic Ionic Minerals X350) for 4 days .. I am truly Amazed :)   Thank you so much for the info and your time!!
««« Angie from Alabama

I really wanted to thank you for all your help in such a quick manner!! I really love these products, my son is 5 and is benefiting tremendously from it as well. The Japanese Red Pine Oil worked for his lung condition when all the pharma breathing treatments didn't, I am so grateful for your wonderful products. Thanks again and may YHWH bless you!! 
««« Erica from New York

My hair is turning brown again from the gray it was!!!! I guess it's the Fulvic Ionic Minerals.
««« Curtis from Tennessee

I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have found your site. The information you have provided is irreplaceable... I also want to let you know that EVERYTHING I purchased is absolutely wonderful. I feel BORN again. Thus far this is my daily intake of my products. Upon awakening, I take my Fulvic Ionic Minerals, 7 drops in water, next I take 7 drops of my Japanese Red Pine Oil under the tongue. Then I take a walk on the beach, after my brisk walk I juice with my raw vegetables.  After 1 hour I take 3 teaspoons of Maqui Berry in Tempt Hemp Milk, and 3 teaspoons of Full Spectrum Daily Plus in Tempt Hemp Milk. I take them separately. I take each powder again at noon and finally at 7:00pm. I hope I'm on the right track. I'm feeling AMAZINGLY WELL. Thank you so much, may GOD continue to bless you and your company!! I can't wait until my next order! 
««« JuliAna from California



Christian Greetings!! Good news! My patient.... a 3 year old who was about to die and several times got admitted to the hospital, is now improving. The joy of his parents cannot be expressed. The saliva that was constantly flowing from the mouth of the little child right now is gone. I gave a program with your Fulvic Ionic Minerals. Just 1 week and the improvement is amazing. During my work as a Doctor of Ministry in Alternative Medicine (DMNH) I use the Fulvic ionic Minerals with my herbs and diet program for my patients. Just a few drops of your Fulvic Ionic Minerals and behold--a blessing from God bestowed! 
««« Joseph from the Philippines

I am very impressed to see your desire to serve Christ through business. Thanks for your dedication to getting the best superfoods.
««« Jennifer from New Zealand

I want to thank you for the wonderful product, Japanese Red Pine Needle Oil (Pinus densiflora oil). It was an answer to my prayer. I have been suffering with some kind of infection in my lung for many months. I think it is a fungus. I went to my primary MD and was given 3 different antibiotics during the past several months. The infection went away and then slowly came back 2-3 weeks later. I have never had an upper respiratory infection or bronchitis. I am an RN and have been following an antifungal diet. It did help some but not completely.... I found your website and ordered Chaga Mushroom Tea and Fulvic Ionic Minerals. A couple of days later I read about the Red Pine Needle Oil and the nebulizer. I knew that was my answer. When I received them, I started right away. Unfortunately I think I put too much in the nebulizer and it was right after I ate. I was sick to my stomach the rest of the day. The next day I was ok but I noticed I wasn't coughing up the thick tan green sputum at all. I started the breathing tx's again 5 days after with 1 drops (of Red Pine Needle Oil) with water this time. It is working and I am so thankful for this product. 
««« Mary from Nevada

Some of us really believe in what you are doing and wish to spread the word at an accelerated pace. Keep up the great work and may God continue to bless you.
««« Farah from Illinois

I have received the Acai Berry Powder and have used it in smoothies for the past couple of days. My kids love it and so do I! Thank you
««« Merette from California

Thank you so much. Your customer service is consistently top-notch!
««« Jennifer from Canada

I love all the products I have received and use from you guys (Fulvic Ionic Minerals, Japanese Red Pine Needle Oil, Full Spectrum Daily Plus, Noni Powder, Coconut Oil, Maqui Berry, Cacao Powder, Essiac Tea and Acai Berry). They are great!
««« Julyet from Australia

I am writing a testimonial for Optimally Organic Fulvic Acid / Fulvic Ionic Minerals. My husband and I have suffered from chemical sensitivity for the past 7-8 years. It became so severe we couldn't even buy a new car, mattress or clothing. Walking into a department store was a nightmare, the fumes would overwhelm us.  The carpets, fabric, chemicals, etc. We started a detox program with herbs, supplements and diet, which made us feel better but did not actually ""cure"" us of the sensitivity. Then we heard about Fulvic Acid / Fulvic Ionic Minerals, ordered 3 bottles, and now after 9 bottles between us (3x a day) we feel we have cleared our condition. We can go shopping in public places without getting sick. Thank you!!
««« Mary from Oregon

Thanks so much... I really like your products (Fulvic Ionic Minerals and Red Pine Needle Oil). 
««« Jeanie from Oklahoma

Unexpected obvious benefit from Fulvic Ionic Minerals x350: appetite control. I now sense a natural limit to desire to eat. It will be interesting to see how much weight I lose by eating less. 
««« Ted from Maryland

Thank you!  This Fulvic Ionic Minerals product is powerful!!  I was also amazed that the 7 drops in water mixture tastes very much like lemon juice in water!  Nice taste!  Every opportunity I get, I am going to tell people about it!  'THE MISSING LINK IN NUTRITION!' Thanks again!
««« Carmen from North Carolina

Thank you so much and God Bless you for your web site to help people that want to stay well and fit.
««« Beverly from California

Thank you!  Great products!!! (Fulvic Ionic Minerals, Wheatgrass Juice Powder, Barley Grass Juice Powder, Full Spectrum Daily Plus, Chaga Mushroom and Red Pine Needle Oil)
««« Mrs. Johnson from Pennsylvania

You came highly recommended from our acupuncturist/Chinese medicine practitioner. She is a 8th generation acupuncturist from China.  She recommended both my husband and I take your Japanese Red Pine Needle Oil...Thank you so much for such wonderful products. 
««« Peggy from Oregon

Thanks for prompt delivery of my order
««« Amina from New York

I'm hoping to leave a testimonial, from having taken the Fulvic Ionic Minerals for approx 6 months now, along with the Japanese Red Pine Needle Oil (generous doses) for the past month. I have experienced dramatic changes in my overall health and wellbeing. I have been following (and purchasing) the very latest in supplementation for many years now, including an average brand of Humic/Fulvic. But, after about a week of taking the Optimally Organic Fulvic Ionic Minerals (350x), I began to go into a deep cleansing process. I felt a great deal of inflammation in various parts of my body (particularly in the throat, tonsils, glands), which of course is the way the body opens up the healing pathways for detoxification and cleansing (or in the case of the fulvic/humic turning toxic elements into harmless organic waste). I could literally feel (and smell) toxic waste leaving my body.  During this deep cleansing period, which lasted several weeks, I was aware of the need to rest and allow my body to complete the process. However, simultaneously I also felt deeply nourished and energized by the Fulvic, and I had a deeper sense of optimism, enthusiasm and vitality - even while in the deepest stages of detox (including after losing my voice, and my tonsils being the size of grapes! Any 'sane' person would have gone to a doctor, and taken whatever pharmaceutical 'cure' th"