Raw Earth Essiac Tea Extract 2oz - Optimally Organic
Raw Earth Essiac Tea Extract 2oz - Optimally Organic
Raw Earth Essiac Tea Extract 2oz - Optimally Organic

Essiac Tea Extract 2oz

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RAW EARTH Concentrated Live Extract
ESSIAC Tea - 2oz

Patented Cold Water Extraction Process
Raw & Wild-Crafted Ingredients
Never Heated & Free of Alcohol or Preservatives
Water Extracted Fulvic Ionic Minerals Nutrient Delivery System

Contains Approx. 60 Servings

"Searching for the Highest Quality, Raw & Wild-Crafted ESSIAC Tea Extract on the World market? We've got it!"

Our 8 Herb Blend Includes: Burdock Root, Kelp, Red Clover, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, Turkey Rhubarb Root, Watercress, and Blessed Thistle.

Burdock Root is highly valued by natural health practitioners worldwide for bringing subtle strengthening and cleansing to the entire system. It is a mild diuretic useful for supporting the body in cleansing.

Kelp is a  nutrient-dense sea vegetable.

Red Clover is one of the richest sources of isoflavones. 

Sheep Sorrel supports cleansing as a mild diuretic.

Slippery Elm Bark supports digestion.

Turkey Rhubarb Root supports digestion and a healthy appetite. 

Watercress supports a healthy appetite, digestion, and cleansing. 

Blessed Thistle supports digestion.

Our Organic Essiac Tea Extract uses Nurse Caisse’s Prized 8 Herb Recipe!

The original recipe for this powerful herbal blend was handed down through word of mouth by Northern Canadian Ojibway Indians for hundreds of years.  It eventually reached the ear of Canadian Nurse Rene Caisse who became famous for her use of it with ill patients.  She called it “Essiac”, Caisse spelled backward.  Today, this powerful blend of herbs is still used by millions of people around the world to achieve fast and powerful results.  The original blend contained only 4 herbs. Over the years 4 more herbs known for their beneficial and complementary attributes were brilliantly added by Nurse Caisse in collaboration with Dr. Charles Brusch to make Essiac Tea a more potent and well-rounded blend.  We feel blessed to have trusted friends of Nurse Caisse share this very special recipe with us so we may make it available to you.

"Raw Earth's Patented Cold Water Extraction Process retains all the Vital Nutrients and Beneficial Bio-Markers of the 8 herbs used in our Raw Earth ESSIAC Tea Live Extract."

Our one of a kind Patented Cold Water Extraction Process utilizes a Water Extracted Fulvic Ionic Minerals nutrient delivery system to create a finished product that works.

Unlike our competitor's extracts, Raw Earth extracts are Never heated, irradiated, chemically extracted, or alcohol extracted. We never add artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. We know of a better way!

Water Extracted Fulvic Ionic Minerals is a nutrient transport system that delivers nutrients into the cells. Fulvic Ionic Minerals have been studied for decades and are the proven link to excellent and vibrant health because of their ability to transport nutrients into our cells. Once an integral part of our diet via root uptake from humic and fulvic rich soils, they are no longer found in our food supply due to conventional farming practices stripping the soils of these critical elements.

Ingredients: Organic Burdock Root, Organic Kelp, Organic Red Clover, Organic Sheep Sorrel, Organic Slippery Elm Bark, Organic Turkey Rhubarb Root, Organic Watercress, Organic Blessed Thistle, Organic Coconut Oil derived vegetable glycerin, Sunflower lecithin, and Water Extracted Fulvic Ionic Minerals.

beyond sustainable,
beyond fair trade

We guarantee the highest level of social, ecological & processing quality!

ALL Natural

Alcohol & Preservative Free

cruelty free

patented water extraction process

Small Batch runs

water extracted fulvic acid®