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Published: November 13, 2012 | Updated: September 4, 2018

As much as we wish it were possible, the truth of the matter is that science cannot recreate what our bodies need for optimal health and functionality. Synthetic and conventional supplements can be found in most stores these days, and they are ultimately pretty problematic. Are there any benefits to these products? Sure, but at the end of the day, the synthetic/conventional supplements just can’t measure up to everything natural nutrients can do for the human body.


Table of Contents 

  What Fulvic Ionic Minerals Can Do For You? 

  Try Fulvic Acid In Your Smoothie!

  What Are Fulvic Ionic Minerals?

  Why Our Fulvic Ionic Minerals Are The Best

  Origins Of Our Fulvic Acid

  Where Do Fulvic Ionic Minerals Come From?

  What The Other Companies Don’t Tell You!

  Conclusion - (To Summarize)




Remember: Our bodies understand nature. As such, our bodies are going to best respond to things that are close to the natural form as possible. If any “natural” products you encounter can’t adhere to such a simple guideline, then these are not the products you want to try out. Truly natural products must be as close to a natural form as humanly possible. This natural approach should apply to all aspects of production. To that end, keep in mind that Optimally Organic’s® Fulvic Ionic Minerals® come from lush, pristine plant matter, direct from the ancient, 40-million-year-old rainforests of the Mississippi. These minerals were pushed deep underground by a glacier. In the present, not only are they 100% bioavailable, but they are 100% bioactive, as well.



Improved energy levels is one of the major benefits of fulvic acid. Because fulvic acid contains a vast array of crucial trace minerals, the effect on your body is going to be something along the lines of a cleanse. Fulvic acid will help to cleanse your body of heavy metals, while also cleansing many different types of chemicals. These are things that impact your overall mood, your energy levels, and various aspects of your gut health.

Fulvic Ionic Minerals® can remove these things from your body. It can also be used in conjunction Red Pine Oil, as a means of cleansing plastic toxins. Shortly after you start including fulvic acid in your daily diet, you should begin to notice your skin looking clear, and perhaps even feeling, healthier than you can ever remember. Your complexion will improve, in addition to potential benefits like healthier, faster-growing fingernails. The anti-inflammatory potential of fulvic acid is also such that it can potentially stimulate hair growth, as well. This comes from the alkaline nature of humic acid, which can be used to improve nails, hair, and skin.

You may also notice improvements to your sleep quality, overall concentration, and even as an immune booster. There is also an excellent chance that your appetite will decrease for the better, as well. Our cravings for food are often tied into a mineral deficiency. Fulvic acid can restore the minerals your body needs, meaning you won’t find yourself snacking quite as much.




As your immune system continues to improve and recover, keep in mind that this whole process of improvement and cleansing can take some time. It ultimately comes down to how much damage has been done to an individual’s body. Still, it shouldn’t take very long to feel as though things are improving for the better. Most people begin to see results within approximately ninety days of beginning to take fulvic acid.

While this may seem like a long wait, keep in mind that Fulvic Ionic Minerals® are the fastest route to the benefits we have discussed. Combine this with the Total Wellness Protocol™, and you have a powerful duo for achieving optimal health and wellness. The more synergistic products you add from Optimally Organic to your daily life, the faster and more complete your cleanse will be.


Try Fulvic Acid in your smoothie! 2 different concentrations available:






In a nutshell, here is a list of the things that fulvic acid can do:

• Super-transports nutrients to cells. Think of a high-speed bullet train.

• Breaks down heavy metals and chemicals by dissolving them into organic materials.

• Provides the body with all 77 trace minerals.


Organic trace minerals play a vital role in our health, our performance, and in our ability to function properly. Unfortunately, these minerals have been largely eradicated from our food supply, which is where we used to get them. Conventional farming practices have depleted trace minerals to a significant degree.

Fulvic Ionic Minerals® can balance and energize the cells within our bodies. Fulvic acid can relieve oxygen efficiency, while also increasing vital activity. This is achieved when the body is provided with hydrogen, which is the only true antioxidant. This is because hydrogen does not have any toxic byproducts. Due to the presence of this hydrogen, many people feel their overall energy levels improving. These minerals can also help to restore the chemical and electrical balance of an individual’s cells.

This product can also act as a regulator for our immune systems. This can be particularly beneficial, when we consider that illnesses do not just come from outside invaders. They can occur when the defense mechanisms of the body attacks itself, which can create a number of health problems. Something that acts as an immune system regulator can be highly useful, in terms of keeping your body from attacking itself.


With Fulvic Ionic Minerals®, you have something that can revitalize your cells simply by flooding them with nutrients. This is where an individual can get new feelings of energy and vitality. Over time, our cell walls become thick and stiff, without the presence of certain essential minerals. Because of this, our bodies struggle on a daily basis to absorb the nutrients and oxygen we need. Fulvic Ionic Minerals® will make the cell walls more permeable. The result of this will be a body that absorbs nutrients more easily, while getting rid of waste with a similar efficiency. Fulvic Ionic Minerals® function as a transporter. Their low molecular weight allows nutrients to be carried to your cells quickly and easily. Furthermore, Fulvic Ionic Minerals® can act as a natural cleanser of toxins within the body. Free radicals within the body can create a wide range of issues, including tissue damage, gene-altering, and disruptions to crucial processes within your body. It is believed that humic acid can act as a bond for these free radicals. In doing so, it is also believed that humic acid can turn these free radicals into organic or usable substances. If the cell is too damaged for that result, it is believed that humic acid can help to break things down to a form of waste that can be easily eliminated.

It is also important to understand that while Fulvic Ionic Minerals® is a miracle product. However, if you continue a lifestyle that involves fast food, gallons of caffeinated beverages, and very little exercise, you aren’t going to achieve the best possible results. To be sure, Fulvic Ionic Minerals® can still provide the body with benefits, but an optimal response requires a body that is in the best condition possible. Balanced meals, regular exercise, and proper hydration are all essential aspects to a healthy mind and body, even with everything you can gain from fulvic acid.



Let’s start by talking about the two primary processes used to create fulvic acid supplements. On the one hand, we have water-extracted fulvic acid™. On the other hand, we have chemical-extracted fulvic acid. This process uses a chemical known as potassium hydroxide. This is a highly toxic, extremely dangerous chemical that we will touch upon later on.

Optimally Organic® utilizes the water-extraction process. Do the research, and you are going to find that when it comes to getting best fulvic acid or humic acid possible, water-extraction is the best method by far. When we talk about chemical-extracted fulvic acid, we are talking about something with meager benefits for the consumer, and greater benefits for the companies selling supplements and other products that use a chemical extraction process.




Also known as lignite or learnardite, brown coal is used as the plant-based material at the heart of chemically-extracted fulvic acid. Brown coal has a number of problems associated with its use in this regard. In the first place, you are talking about something that is not only of extremely poor quality, but also something that can wreak havoc upon our natural environment. Do an internet search, and you will find numerous stories and studies on the massive pits that have formed, as a result of work involving the mining of brown coal. Germany in particular has several such holes. The material is then brought together with the highly chemical, extremely dangerous lye.


A sludge is then created, which is then mixed with water. While those vital trace minerals slip to the bottom, the fulvic layer that makes up the topmost portion of the sludge is separated, and sold to supplemental companies and similar interests. Along the way, the lye used has broken apart the molecules of the humic acid. At best, with chemical extraction, we are talking about something that is barely useful at best, and dangerous for the consumer at worst. This doesn’t even get into the damage to the soil. 

Water-extracted fulvic acid™, which is the only type sold by Optimally Organic, is an entirely different entity. No chemicals are used in the buffering process, or in the process of the extraction. Potentially hazardous materials are avoided at all costs. Not even heat is used in this process. Furthermore, the water used is free of both chlorine and fluoride.

Everything about the process of water extraction is designed to maintain the integrity of the trace minerals and everything else that makes up the fulvic acid.



Optimally Organic® products like Fulvic X200® and Fulvic X350® utilizes a water extraction process that is free of chemicals, heat, or any undesirable, hazardous materials. Plastic will never touch this product, and you can be sure you are getting the purest source of Fulvic Ionic Minerals® in the world. Packaged in glass bottles, these products have never known a source as destructive as brown coal.


40 million years ago, the earth was abundant with optimal soil, air, and water. Humic soil, teeming with billions of beneficial microbes, was an ideal place in which to find something like fulvic acid. The vegetation of that time and place was an ideal place. Everything was thriving. Everything was created through a balance. It was pushed underground by a glacier more than forty million years ago.


Lush, ancient rainforest continues to be the best way in which to gain the best version of fulvic acid possible. In this day and age, very few places in the world offer the level of quality that we are talking about. Our Fulvic Ionic Minerals® features the lowest possible molecular weight. This means that they can penetrate your cells more effectively. At the same time, it is also important to avoid any brown coal sources, since it is impossible to get fulvic acid from brown coal without using chemicals.

Simply put, plants are unable to absorb undissolved minerals directly from the soil. These molecules are just too large for the plants to absorb. This is where you are going to want to pay close attention to the microbes that work at the roots of plants and trees, in order to create Fulvic Ionic Minerals®. These minerals work with the plants to uptake this mineral-rich substance. This creates plants that are not only healthy, but are capable of producing the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that you need. Anything not used by the plants winds up being washed down to the drinking water.

Then things changed. Humanity realized that through things like chemicals and pesticides, one could yield a powerful degree of control over not only the quantity of the crops, but control over the size of the crops, as well. Obviously, being able to control those things can come with certain benefits, particularly as far as the companies  



perpetrating these tactics are concerned. However, you could say that too much is lost in the bargain. The microbes essential to the creation of Fulvic Ionic Minerals® were being destroyed. Raising healthy plants suddenly took a backseat to raising the biggest, most financially-beneficial plants possible. Some would argue that we have never really looked back from that moment.

In the end, everything in the world is intertwined. When you damage the soil, you damage the crops that come out of that soil. In other words, even with a balanced, healthy diet, the food you are eating is still dead, by the time it gets to you. Supplements, nutrients, and products like Fulvic Ionic Minerals® are the only way to get the vitamins and minerals you need.



Did you know that packaging is a crucial consideration, when you’re shopping for supplements utilizing fulvic acid? In this arena, glass packaging is crucial. Plastic packaging can dramatically diminish the effectiveness of fulvic acid, due to its intensely reactive nature. With plastic packaging, the fulvic avid will become useless at best, and toxic at worst.

To summarize:

Optimally Organic only uses water- extracted fulvic acid™ to create supplements. This extraction process ensures you are getting everything fulvic acid has to offer, which includes 77 trace minerals. We do not use potassium hydroxide. That is a dangerous, highly corrosive chemical!



2 Optimally Organic® uses fulvic avid that is NOT SOURCED FROM BROWN COAL, also known as lignite or learnardite in any form or fashion. As we mentioned before, brown coal is a low- quality source that is directly linked to harm to not only the environment, but to the human body. We only use high-quality humic shale.

3 Tap water is NOT USED in the production of Fulvic Ionic Minerals®, or in any products featuring the Optimally Organic name. Tap water contains both fluoride and chlorine, which can be problematic for a variety of reasons. Most companies use tap water!

4 Nothing within Fulvic Ionic Minerals® has ever touched plastic. Unfor tunately, the same cannot be said for most of the other products out there.

5 Contains both fulvic and humic acid. Products utilizing chemical extraction do not contain these things.

6 The products sold by Optimally Organic® do not contain preservatives! Most companies cannot make the same claim.

7 Optimally Organic® products are made in a cer tified human- grade bottling facility.

In the end, there is no such thing as safe plastic with fulvic acid. There is no such thing as safe exposure to toxins. There is no such thing as viable fulvic acid from brown coal (lignite or learnardite) sources. At Optimally Organic®, you can be sure that you are trusting a company that will work with only the best sources, a powerful water-extraction process, and every precaution/ safeguard possible. The choice is yours, and we hope you will choose to emphasize optimal health, over the course of your journey through life.




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