Fermented Probiotics & Enzymes


      Having a healthy gut microbiome is the second most important thing if you are looking for a good complexion.  What this means is having billions of different strains of good bacteria in the digestive system.  Your gut bacteria play an important role in your overall health, and you can not absorb nutrients in your food without them.  As humans, we were made to need them.  The body will not work correctly without them.  If you are not absorbing your food and nutrients properly, you will not have a good complexion.  You will always look tired and your hair and skin will not be bright.  Things like processed foods, medications, poor sleep, alcohol consumption, smoking, high-fat or sugar diets and inactivity, can kill your good gut bacteria.  Once it is gone, it does not come back.  It is like ripping a rose bush out by the roots; it has to be replanted.  Unfortunately, the standard American diet does not address this issue since it has no real fermented food options.  Wine has too much alcohol and is not a good source.  Then you have the probiotics at the store that have one to seven different strains.  How are seven strains going to help me if I need Billions of strains?  Not to mention, most of those probiotic supplements are "dead on arrival" because they have not been stored or shipped under refrigeration.  Raw, plain, organic, grass feed, unpasteurized, yogurt or kefir is a good choice, but again, how is one strain of bacteria going to help me that much?  That is why I absolutely love the two products above.  You get thousands, if not millions, of different ancient wild strains of bacteria from the high mountains of Korea.  Still considered one of the most pure and untouched wildlife areas in the world.  The greatest part is that since these products are fermented, they are still alive when you get them because they are naturally preserved and there is no refrigeration needed until you open them.  The taste is a treat.  It is sweet and deep and amazing.  It is like candy that is good for you and will brighten your complexion.  

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