Wheatgrass Juice Powder (1/2 LB)

      Considered the ultimate super-food because of its wide spectrum of nutrients like DHA, antioxidants, elemental minerals, and special fatty acids.  With this stuff, a little goes a long way!  Just a small amount, like 1g is so packed full of nutrition, that it would be hard to get elsewhere.  Not only will it give you calm natural energy, and make you feel clear-headed, but it is also great for your complexion.  Having a good complexion is not about one thing or the other, it is about having the complete package of nutrition.  The way the body works is if just one nutrient out of over 90 different nutrients is not there, most if not all of the other nutrients don't work correctly.  It is like a chain and if one link is broken, the whole chain fails.
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