Elderberry Powder 1/2lb - Optimally Organic
Elderberry Powder 1/2lb - Optimally Organic

Elderberry Powder 1/2lb

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Raw Organic Freeze-Dried Black  Elderberry Powder (Sambucus nigra) - 1/2 Pound
Freeze Dried Ripe Whole Berries (without the Seeds!)
No Additives, Chemicals or Preservatoves of any Kind
Sustainably Harvested in an Eco-Friendly Manner
Raw & Bio-Active - Never Heated or Irradiated

"A Delicious and Antioxidant Rich Superfood!"

Elderberry has been known for its Antioxidant rich Flavonoids including Anthocyanins and Anthocyanidins, Quercetin, Rutin and Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is known to support  immune health (1,2,3), a healthy inflammatory response (4), healthy upper respiratory and healthy mucus membranes (5,6). 

Organic Black Elderberries are one of the most widely used Superfoods for Immune Health, especially during the Winter. Early American settlers who used these nutrient dense berries in pies because they are also Delicious!

Suggested Use: 1 teaspoon, 1-3 times per day. Powdered and easy to use by mixing in water, juice, non-dairy milk, young coconut or a smoothie. Can also be added to oatmeal, yogurt, cereals or ice cream. Store unopened or opened in a cool dry place. Refrigeration is not required.

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5. Slade R, Crissman K, Norwood J, Hatch G. Comparison of antioxidant substances in bronchoalveolar lavage cells and fluid from humans, guinea pigs, and rats. Exp Lung Res. 1993;19:469–484. doi: 10.3109/01902149309064358.
6. Matzen RN. Effect of vitamin C and hydrocortisone on the pulmonary edema produced by ozone in mice. J Appl Physiol. 1957;11:105–109.

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