Superfood and Herbal Extracts

      RAW EARTH™ Concentrated Live Extracts
      Patented Cold Water Extraction
      Raw Organic & Wild-Crafted Ingredients
      Preservative, Chemical & Alcohol Free
      Never Heated or Irradiated
      Fulvic Acid Transport System!

      The Most Bio-Active, Pure and Concentrated extracts on Earth!

      Our Patented Cold Water Extraction process brings our Superfood, Medicinal Herb and Mushroom extracts to an entirely new performance level, never before imagined! It ensures finished products that retain their "Beneficial Bio-Markers". This is because they are never heated or boiled, are not chemically extracted, and are not alcohol extracted like our competitors. This has never been done before, and our process is patented! We also incorporate our Fulvic Acid transport system, to ensure optimal absorption for optimal results!

      Our Exclusive Patented Water Extracted Superfoods, Medicinal Herbs and Mushrooms retain their naturally occurring Nutrients and "Beneficial Bio-Markers to ensure a finished product that works!

      "Beneficial Bio-Markers" contain beneficial messages and instructions that give life and health to our cells and body systems. Traditional extraction methods destroy most if not all nutrients and Beneficial Bio-Markers, rendering their products weak and ineffectual.

      Our Cold Water Extracts are produced with our Patented Water-Extracted Fulvic Ionic Minerals X350™ delivery system to ensure optimal cell absorption. Because we know Fulvic Acid to be the ultimate nutrient transport system, it is part of our extraction process for optimal results.

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