Raw Earth - Concentrated Live Extracts


      Raw Earth Extracts® creates the finest whole food extracts, manufactured in the most sophisticated and cutting-edge way.  We strive for excellence, evidenced by finished products that work and taste profiles never thought possible.  Bursting with health and vitality, our patented cold water extraction process brings whole food and herbal extracts to a new level of health and well-being. Premium small batch runs with a guarantee of purity and potency.  From a family owned and operated business that donates 10% of profits to NGO's supporting people and planet.

      Our patented water extracted Superfoods and Herbs have Nutrients and "Beneficial Bio-Markers".  "Beneficial Bio-Markers" contain beneficial messages and instructions that give life and health to our cells and body systems.  Traditional extraction methods destroy most, if not all, of these nutrients and "Beneficial Bio-Markers", while requiring you to consume large amounts of liquid or powder.  We know a better way!

      Extracts made with Water-Extracted Fulvic Ionic Minerals X350® are the most Bio-Active, Pure and Concentrated extracts on Earth!