Siberian Ginseng Extract 2oz - Optimally Organic
Siberian Ginseng Extract 2oz - Optimally Organic
Siberian Ginseng Extract 2oz - Optimally Organic
Siberian Ginseng Extract 2oz - Optimally Organic

Siberian Ginseng Extract 2oz

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Superior Ginseng Concentrated Raw Extract
Siberian Ginseng Root Extract (Eleuthero Root) - 2oz

(Eleutherococcus senticosus)
Patented Cold Water Extraction
Organically Grown in India
Preservative, Chemical & Alcohol Free
Never Heated or Irradiated
Water Extracted Fulvic Ionic Minerals X350 Nutrient Delivery System

Ingredients: Organic Siberian Ginseng Root

Contains Approx. 60 Servings

Siberian Ginseng Root Extract, aka Eleuthero Root Extract, has been used for Thousands of Years in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a myriad of health issues and is recommended for Immune support.

Siberian Ginseng offers high levels of Eleutherosides, providing similar benefits to the ginsenosides found in Panax Ginseng, but with notable additional support of optimal cardiovascular endurance.

Siberian Ginseng Supports:
Immune System
Optimal Cardiovascular Endurance
Positive Emotions, Peacefulness & Calm
Blood Sugar Levels
Mental Clarity
Memory and Mental Focus

Siberian Ginseng is classified as an Adaptogen for its Natural and Effective ability to Support the Body from Emotional and Physical Stress. Stress is considered a leading cause of sickness and disease, making Adaptogens like Siberian Ginseng an important part of any wellness program.

Siberian Ginseng is also an Effective Antioxidant, supporting our cells from Free Radical Damage and acting as an Immune Supplement. American Ginseng also supports increased natural energy, memory, and mental clarity.

Searching for the Highest Quality Raw, Wild-Crafted Siberian Ginseng Extract on the World market? We've got it! 

Siberian Ginseng Extract Nutrient Profile: Beneficial Phenol Phytochemicals including Curcumin; Phytonutrients including Iron; Magnesium; Potassium; Manganese; Phosphorus; Zinc; Vitamin C, Vitamin E; Vitamin K; Riboflavin (Vit B2); Niacin (Vit B 3); Pyridoxine (B6); and Folate (B9); Copper and Calcium.

Superior Ginseng's Live Siberian Ginseng Extracts start with the most bio-active, Phytonutrient rich, and sustainably sourced Siberian Ginseng RootOur products are never heated or irradiated and never chemical or alcohol extracted, like our competitors' extracts. We never add artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. We know of a better way!

"Raw Earth's Patented Cold Water Extraction Process retains all the Vital Nutrients and Beneficial Bio-Markers of our Organic Siberian Ginseng Extract!"

Our one of a kind Patented Cold Water Extraction Process utilizes a Water Extracted Fulvic Ionic Minerals nutrient delivery system to create a finished product that works.

Water Extracted Fulvic Ionic Minerals is a nutrient transport system that delivers nutrients into the cells. Fulvic Acid has been studied for decades and is the proven link to excellent and vibrant health because of its ability to transport nutrients into our cells. Once an integral part of our diet via root uptake from humic and fulvic rich soils, they are no longer found in our food supply due to conventional farming practices stripping the soils of these critical elements.

Other Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil derived vegetable glycerin, Sunflower lecithin, and Water Extracted Fulvic Ionic Minerals X350 (Fulvic Acid). Finished product not certified organic.

Delicious and easy to use by dropping directly in the mouth or by adding to water. Glass dropper included.


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