Water-Extracted Fulvic Acid® X200 - Optimally Organic
Water-Extracted Fulvic Acid® X200 - Optimally Organic

Fulvic Ionic Minerals X200

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Our Water-Extracted Fulvic Acid (R), aka Fulvic Ionic Minerals, contain Bio-available Plant-Based Ionic Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, Electrolytes, Every Essential Amino Acid, and up to 77 Macro and Micro (Trace) Minerals in their ionic (aka nano or angstrom) form, all working in natural harmony towards keeping you healthy. Once the Fulvic Ionic Minerals come into contact with a cell they can both balance and energize that cell’s life and biological properties. When that individual cell is restored to its original chemical balance and electrical potential, it will have life and improvement where death and disintegration would normally have occurred. This is possible because of the Humic Acid’s capability to break down the salt acids that build up on the cell membrane, and the innate ability of Fulvic Acid to transport nutrients into and cleanse toxins out of the cell. Fulvic and Humic Acids will break the bonds of inorganic matter, including heavy metals and transform them into organic matter!
  • Fulvic Acid will alkaline the body faster than any other natural health product on earth.
  • Fulvic and Humic Acid, Trace Minerals & Essential Amino Acids are required for a myriad of metabolic functions, yet cannot be produced by the body.
  • Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid work together to cleanse unwanted salt acids that surround & harden cell walls, creating cell permeability.
  • Fulvic Acid is the electrolyte that makes our cells able to absorb nutrients and is a multi-directional antioxidant.
  • Fulvic Acid has up to 77 Macro and Trace Minerals, naturally occurring in their ionic (nano) form.
  • Fulvic Acid compounds itself with other Super-Foods, Vitamins, and Herbs allowing them to be better absorbed and effectively utilized by the body.
  • Fulvic Acid will feed and nourish every cell in the body, which in turn will allow an increase in energy, mental clarity, and sense of well being.
  • Optimally Organic produces the purest Fulvic Acid on the planet from the richest source on planet earth. It is located in a forested region in the Southern United States, with its own pure water aquifer naturally filtering the rich plant-based humic shale deposits that we use in our products. This miraculous product that contains no heavy metals was created when a massive glacier pushed lush rainforest underground 40 million years ago.

    This land is protected from human contamination to help people around the world, and to grantee the purest product. And we are proud to say that we never strip mine.

    Our proprietary Organic 3-year process enables us to give you the purest and most concentrated bio-available fulvic acid in the world. We never use acids or chemicals of any kind in our extraction process, just distilled water. We guarantee the highest levels of social, ecological, and processing standards. 

    Because it has Fulvic and Humic Acid levels higher than any other source on earth, our Fulvic Ionic Minerals are not only the most pure, but the most concentrated.


    Scientists have found the Fulvic Acid in Fulvic Ionic Minerals is the element that makes nutrients absorbable, resulting in a dramatic impact on all kinds of "major health disorders" that afflict us today. Fulvic Ionic Minerals make the food, herbs, and supplements you take more effective, because they make them bio-available.

    Fulvic Ionic Minerals are said to be "the most powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger known".

    Fulvic Ionic Minerals have the exceptional ability to render free radicals harmless by reacting with both negatively and positively charged, unpaired electrons. They can either alter them into new usable compounds or eliminate them as waste. Fulvic Ionic Minerals cleanse heavy metals and cleanse the body of pollutants.

    Fulvic Ionic Minerals is considered the missing link to optimal health and wellness.

    Two time Nobel Prize winner and renowned scientist, Dr. Linus Pauling, stated to the 74th Congress of the United States back in 1936, "Every ailment, every sickness, and every disease can be traced back to an organic mineral deficiency."

    Modern U.S. agricultural practices within the last 75 years have nearly eradicated all naturally occurring Complexed Ionic Trace Minerals found in Fulvic Ionic Minerals out of our soil. In doing so, we have eliminated these naturally occurring, indispensable elements from completely out of our diet.

    Organic Trace Minerals are the "gift of life" and cellular function becomes impossible without them!

    "Laboratory tests prove that the fruits, the vegetables, the grains, the eggs, and even the milk and meats of today are not what they were just a few generations ago. No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the minerals he requires for perfect health." (quote from the United States Senate Document 264 printed in 1936).



    In the beginning, the earth was blessed with Optimally Organic growing conditions. The rich humic soil was teaming with billions of beneficial microbes that created Fulvic Ionic Minerals. The vegetation at that time was lush and thriving. Fulvic Ionic Minerals are nature's cure and balance.


    Millions of years ago shifting tectonic plates and massive glaciers moved over the southern united states trapping the dense nutrient rich rain-forest land beneath them. The bountiful energy laden plant life and soil remained in the earth for 40 million years, combining and changing into the humic shale from which our Fulvic Minerals come from today. There are few places in the world where you can find these humate deposits, and none that are as pure a source of Fulvic Ionic Minerals as this land. It is more concentrated and more effective than any other humate deposits or zeolite. Our Fulvic Ionic Minerals are able to penetrate your cells more effectively because they have the lowest molecular weight possible. We have found that the humates from New Mexico are far too high in carbon, making them all too ineffective.

    It is a common misconception that plants are able to process undissolved minerals directly from the soil. This is incorrect because the molecules are simply too large for the plants to process, it is simply physically impossible. So God in all his wisdom created the perfect solution to this problem: He created microbes that are able to work at the roots of plants and trees to create what we call "Fulvic Ionic Minerals". Fulvic Ionic Minerals assist the plants' ability to uptake this mineral rich substance, producing plants that are healthy and able to create essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. The excess Fulvic Ionic Minerals not utilized by the plants are then washed down through the soil into the drinking water. In doing so, this helps to create a nutrient rich water source for all to enjoy.

    However because man has discovered that by using pesticides and chemicals, one could force the quantity and size of their crops, things no longer work so harmoniously. What mankind didn't realize is the use of these chemicals has killed the extremely beneficial microbes in the soil that are required to create the vital Fulvic Ionic Minerals. Unfortunately the consequences to throwing off this natural balance of minerals was ignored and the importance of raising Healthy plants was set aside and replaced by a need to raise big, shiny, profitable, and less labor intensive crops. Without the protection and nourishment of Fulvic Ionic Minerals in the soil, plants are susceptible to diseases, which necessitates the use of chemical pesticides and similarly harmful products that further destroy any beneficial microbes that may still remain in the soil, creating a degenerative cycle of destruction.

    Here at Optimally Organic we understand that everything in life is interconnected. What is put into the soil is transferred to the crops we harvest and is then absorbed into our bodies when we consume said plants. One might choose to stay on the current path they are on now and continue eating foods laden with harmful chemicals and lacking in necessary nutrients, or they can choose to make a change for the better. People often wonder why it seems poor health conditions appear so suddenly, and once manifested they never truly seem to be "cured" from their ailments. The answer to this question is very simple. Disease starts at the cellular level, long before any serious symptoms appear, And by the time the body has been damaged enough to show these symptoms it is usually severely damaged indeed. If one continually chooses to consume products that are mineral and vitamin deficient, they cannot expect to maintain optimal health year after year.


    Most Vitamins and Trace Minerals are manufactured in a lab and are not from nature. For instance, the majority of calcium supplements sold are derived from petroleum products and most Vitamin B supplements are manufactured from horse urine. We know of a better, natural way!


    • Our Fulvic Acid is Water-Extracted without Chemicals using a proprietary and patented process that is 100% from nature.
    • Optimally Organic has the purest source of Bio-available Fulvic Ionic Minerals in the world, extracted from a freshwater/saltwater source of humic shale from the southern part of the United States that is NOT laden in heavy metals like our competitors' fulvic acid sources.
    • Optimally Organic Fulvic Ionic Minerals contain silver ions, which is healthy for you and helps preserve the Fulvic Ionic Minerals naturally for many,, many years, while our competitors' Fulvic Acid products develop yeast growth within just 9-12 months.
    • We offer the most concentrated source of Fulvic Ionic Minerals - our 2oz bottle of X350 provides a full 6 month supply for about the same price as our competitors' 1 - 2 month supply!
    • We will always offer the guaranteed lowest price per dose because we are the manufacturer and have no "middle man".
    • Our Fulvic Ionic Minerals are NOT extracted from leonardite, coal, fossilized peat, or humates from New Mexico that are high in carbon like most of our competitors.
    • We have the highest levels of Pure Fulvic Ionic Minerals in the world!
    • Our Fulvic Ionic Minerals are packaged in glass cobalt bottles, not in plastic bottles that leach toxic dioxins into the Fulvic Ionic Minerals (Fulvic Acid is highly reactive). Most of our competitors sell a tainted, toxic product in a plastic bottle to save themselves money, at your expense
    • We contribute 10% of all profits to non-profit organizations focused on providing life essentials to those most in need.
    • Our Fulvic Ionic Minerals are of the highest quality, at the lowest price!


Plant-Based Ionic Trace Minerals have been stripped from our food and supplements almost entirely and are among the hardest elements to come by! Plant-Based Trace Minerals used to be abundant in our soil, but they were depleted due to modern conventional farming, and modern organic farming practices have not resolved this issue. If our soil is without trace minerals, our plants and crops will not contain trace minerals. If our plants and crops do not have trace minerals, then neither do we or the animals we eat!

Vitamins, Omega Fatty Acids, Enzymes, & Organic Trace Minerals are all needed by the body in order to work correctly. Each of the elements needs to work in conjunction with the others in order to be utilized by the body. For example: If someone wanted to use Vitamin C to treat a cold, taking a large dose of Vitamin C would not on its own be sufficient to treat it. The person trying to stop the cold would have to take increased levels of Vitamin B6, as well as Vitamin B12, zinc, folic acid, choline, and have Organic Trace Minerals present with Vitamin C. If any of the other elements were not present insufficient quantities, the Vitamin C on its own would not stop the cold. If we try to eat right and supplement our diets correctly, we are on the fast track to achieving optimum results when it comes to health and well being .


Of the many functions Fulvic Ionic Minerals are able to perform, one of the most important is to balance and energize all cell life and biological properties it comes into contact with. Over time, our cell walls have become stiffer and thicker, mainly due to the diminished nutritional value of our food, so they are unable to absorb as many vital nutrients or adequate oxygen supplies as they once did. It has been reported that Fulvic ionic minerals have the ability to repair oxygen deficiency within the body and increase the cellular activity by providing hydrogen. This is one of the main reasons why so many people gain new energy when they start taking Fulvic Ionic Minerals. It helps provide stressed-out cells with the nutrients, oxygen, and hydrogen they need in order to function properly. Ultimately, if you can restore individual cells to their normal chemical equilibrium and electrical potential, then you have given those cells new life and the ability to function at peak performance levels. It has been reported that Fulvic Ionic Minerals have the ability to "induce revitalization" of cells by flooding them with nutrients, thus providing the body with a boost of energy and vitality. The Humic Acid contained in our Fulvic Ionic Minerals increases the permeability of cells so nutrients are able to be absorbed faster, while allowing waste to rapidly leave. Fulvic Ionic Minerals act as a transporter and their low molecular weight allows them to carry nutrients into cells both quickly and efficiently.

Be Aware, though, not all Fulvic Ionic Minerals are equal. Some Fulvic Acid products are high in molecular weight due to their high heavy metal content, and come from poor deposits in Utah and the Dakotas.

We are aware that certain diseases are not caused by outside invaders, but instead by the immune system's defense mechanisms attacking the body itself. Though this image of the body in essence fighting itself can be settling, know that one of the unique characteristics of Fulvic Ionic Minerals is the powerful response that is triggered when they stimulate the immune system. The immune system aids the body in its ability to combat viruses, pathogens, and bacterial infections of all kinds.

In addition to carrying essential nutrients into the cell, our fulvic Ionic Minerals have been shown to function as an excellent natural chelator of toxins, in essence rendering them harmless to the body. Harmful free radicals are known to circulate throughout the body, and are known to injure tissue, alter genes, disrupt crucial processes, foster cell mutations, and make cells susceptible to a variety of infections and diseases. These free radicals are a major factor in contributing to nearly all situations of medical maladies that people are  suffering from  today. Fulvic Ionic Minerals are believed to bond with these free radicals, transforming them into organic and usable substances or, if the case that they have caused substantial damage, are broken down and eliminated from the body as waste.

Keep in mind, Fulvic Ionic Minerals are not meant to be a substitute or counterpoint for a healthy lifestyle. Fulvic Ionic Minerals alone will not fix your less than ideal state of health if you engage in unhealthy practices that render the benefits moot. You have to willingly provide your body with the tools that it needs to function at its peak performance, including eating healthy balanced meals, getting a moderate amount exercise, drinking plenty of water (at least 3 liters a day), and giving your body and muscles ample time to rest and recover.




Optimally Organic takes careful consideration into the types of packaging we use in all the products we sell. We realize that there are many steps that need to be properly implemented from start to finish in order to provide you with a finished product that works. If even one of the steps is even slightly compromised, the finished product can come out ineffective and possibly harmful/toxic to the consumer. We were tired of all the herbs, supplements, vitamins and super foods that we were taking not working to their full potential because someone had not paid careful attention to detail or cut corners along the way. Our staff here at Optimally Organics truly cares about educating people on the harms, hidden dangers and reasons behind ineffective products on the market today. In return, we want to provide our customers with a safe, high quality, and affordable product.

For example, if Fulvic Ionic Minerals are packaged in anything other than a glass container, the effectiveness of the product is greatly diminished due to its highly reactive nature, rendering it completely useless and possibly toxic.

Studies have shown that due to the low molecular weight of Fulvic Ionic Minerals, they have the ability to readily dissolve and bond minerals and nutritional elements into their molecular structure. Since Fulvic Ionic Minerals have the ability to break down and bond to whatever they come into contact with, it makes sense that they are going to bond to and thus break down whatever they are stored in. Fulvic has the unique ability to react with both negatively and positively charged unpaired electrons and thus neutralize the dangers free radicals pose to the body. So why would you want to waste the powerful benefits of Fulvic Ionic Minerals to the package it was bottled in? Wouldn't you rather garner the full potential of the Fulvic Ionic Minerals yourself?

Our staff here at Optimally Organics understands how products work in synergy with the body and that is why we only use the proper ways to harvest, process, bottle, and store the products we sell, ensuring that you receive the highest quality product we can provide. We want you to be able to see, feel and whole-heartedly experience the full potential of these products in the way that nature intended, and that is why our staff does all that they can in order to cut down on unnecessary exposure to toxins. Packaging is always a difficult issue for a business because it requires considerable research and evaluation. Due to our personal experience with cancer, we do not take our packaging decisions lightly and choose to have no part in contributing to the intake of harmful chemicals and toxins into your body.




Our competitors will never openly tell you that the products they sell can be potentially harmful to your body. They openly engage in this practice due in that they wish to maintain a high profit margin, besides the fact that no one would buy a product that willingly knew could harm their body. For instance, why will they readily agree to the importance of drinking only clean, pure water that is not stored in a plastic container, but then tell you it is perfectly safe to consume their highly reactive products in the very same container?At the very least, this fact seems somewhat perplexing. Do not be fooled, though.  There is no such thing as a safe plastic container when it comes to Fulvic Acid products! Surely these products would not be available for human consumption if they were truly harmful, right? Think again. Consider the checkered history of  the tobacco industry. Remember how, for decades, tobacco companies managed to discredit any study showing cigarettes to be harmful? This was mainly due to the fact that their  own scientists were threatened into silence about such findings that spotlighted the inherent harm of their product. If you would like more information about this important health issue, please feel free to check out some of the supporting links below. Remember, YOU HAVE A CHOICE! The choice is yours, we are just trying to provide you with the tools you need to find an organic solution and achieve optimum health!!!

Our research has shown us the hazards of products from other sources...

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