Bitter Kernels

Bitter Kernels
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Our Canadian Raw Organic Bitter Kernels contain the much sought after vitamin B17 (Amygdalin, Laetrile). Organically grown in Canada under pristine growing conditions, our Bitter Kernels are never heated, are unsalted, and have no added chemicals or preservatives. We guarantee the highest quality Bitter Kernels in the world market! They are easy to chew and resemble small almonds in appearance and texture. 




Organic Bitter Kernels 

Raw Organic Bitter Kernels
Never Heated with no added Salt, Chemicals or Preservatives

Our Raw Organic Bitter Kernels are highly sought after for their B17 (Amygdalin, Laetrile) content. 

Of the highest botanical quality, our Bitter Kernels are extremely bitter, which is highly desireable. Grown organically and low temperature air dried to ensure a finished product of the highest quality and nutritional density. Most competitors cook or steam their seeds, harvested from fruit grown with chemicals in depleted soil, resulting in a degraded finished product. Organic bitter seeds that are never heated retain their rich blend of nutrients such as protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins including B1, B6, B17 (Laetrile, Amygdalin), minerals and other trace elements. Our raw bitter seed kernels are unsalted and contain no additives or preservatives.

Ingredients: Organic Bitter Kernels. (Currently from Canada)

Adult Recommendations: For maintenance we recommend 5 seeds, 2-3 times daily. For therapeutic use we recommend 7 seeds,  4-5 times daily. 


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Incredible Taste and impressive shelf life!
Thank you for offering Apricot Kernels! The flavor is incredible and fresh! The shelf life also is impressive! I just ordered my 2nd bag and will be re-ordering again and again!
Review by Poya / (Posted on 6/11/2017)
Easy way to detox
Easy way to help body detox. Review by Lisa / (Posted on 6/4/2016)
Positively comforting health food.
The more bitter they are the better for you. Eat along with other foods till you become used to the taste, takes quute a while but actually happens. Review by Linda / (Posted on 3/24/2016)
Excellent product!
Excellent product! Review by Vallorie Hodges / (Posted on 3/14/2016)
Excellent product!
Excellent product! Review by Vallorie Hodges / (Posted on 3/14/2016)
It's a product that is easy to take to detox your body.
I ate 6 or 7 kernels two to three times a day. At first, the taste was on the bitter side but with time I learned to like the taste. Review by Tom / (Posted on 9/1/2015)
They taste like almonds but a little bit bitter at times
I've been taking these for a ciur of months and I really think they help! Review by Clem / (Posted on 6/23/2015)
Give it a try even to have something to snack on.
These taste like a little bit like almonds and i think it does wonders for people who have issues. Review by Jennifer / (Posted on 4/1/2015)
The apricot seeds taste like bitter almonds...
This product tastes like bitter almonds and is a good small snack. Review by monkey / (Posted on 2/19/2015)