Acai Berry Powder (1/2 lb)

Acai Berry Powder (1/2 lb)

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Our Raw, Organic, Freeze Dried, Whole Fruit Açaí Berry Powder is guaranteed to be the most delicious, bioactive and nutrient dense Açaí you have ever encountered! Known as the "Beauty Berry", our Açaí is one of the best natural sources of vegan protein (more than an egg), fat burning omega fatty acids, resveratrol, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Our strict production methods ensure our product has 10 times the antioxidants of blueberries! Grown in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest we produce small batches within 24 hours of harvest. Powdered and easy to use.

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Raw Organic Freeze-Dried Whole-Fruit Açaí Powder

  • Produced in only Small Batches
  • Completely Chemical and Carrier-free
  • Optimally Organic Acai Powder is Never Subjected to Heat

The Hidden Jewel of the Amazon Rainforest 

Acai Definition:

The pebble-sized acai berry is only 2.5 cm long but it is a treasure chest packed with nutrients. Considered by many to be the king of antioxidants. The acai berry grows primarily in the lowland flood areas of the Amazon Rainforest in South America. Only recently have researchers fully grasped the vast quantity of proteins and essential minerals swimming inside the pulp of the acai berry, which is the cousin of the blueberry.  

What’s the Nutritional Value of the Acai Berry?

The acai berry contains a plentiful supply of the tremendously valuable fatty acids omega-6 and omega-9. Like other tropical fruits, the acai berry contains vitamin A but its level of this vision-enhancing vitamin exceeds all others. It’s also rich in lipids, iron, vitamins B1 and C. Those who are lactose intolerant, will be delighted to know that the acai berry provides roughly the same level of protein as found in milk. Acai is rich in flavonoids, which are the properties that provide a high dosage of antioxidants and give the berries their deep purple color.


Health Benefits of Acai Berries

Acai Berry Benefits


  • Contains up to 10 TIMES more antioxidants than blueberries
  • Four grams of protein in a single serving
  • Excellent Vegan Source of Protein, more than an Egg!
  • Contains an abundance of heart-healthy Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids
  • Rich in amino acids
  • Provides nearly 100% of the recommended daily requirement of fiber, unlike any of the processed acai juice products!
  • Contains the anti-aging antioxidant, anthocyanin 
  • Rich in Plant Lipids
  • High Fat Burning Potential supports Weight Loss
  • High levels of Plant Sterols

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Whole-Fruit Acai Powder Supplement

With the acai superfruit's meteoric rise to fame in the past few decades, thousands of people have been benefiting from its nutrients. However, it’s also inspired greedy people who are seeking only a quick profit to converge upon the groves where the towering, majestic acai palm trees grow. They are unaware of the importance of proper maintenance of the trees, the delicacy of the newly-plucked berry and how to preserve its precious contents.

At Optimally Organic, we are only concerned with acquiring the cream of the crop and providing it to our loyal customers. We are not motivated by selling inferior products. First, it’s an unethical business practice and second, if we did stoop that level, we would lose our customers because they would obtain no value in our products.

Optimally Organic Locks in the Nutrients with Our Freeze-Drying Process

Thanks to our great relationships and connections with the acai growers in Brazil, we have developed a perfect system for getting the açaí berries picked, dried, and shipped to us for storage in cool warehouses. Since we receive fresh shipments about twice a month, you can be assured your order will ship promptly and it will be fresh!

You may be wondering how the entire process unfolds. By its nature, fruit is something that should be consumed within the first week after its been plucked from its source. But acai berries are on a much shorter time fuse. Once they have been harvested and separated from their life-sustaining stems, they are extremely perishable; they must be processed within the first 24 hours.

Our team of harvesters are in a race with the clock. They are able to freeze-dry the entire fruit with 4 - 8 hours. If this time frame is neglected, the nutrients will vanish. This rush is for your benefit; it’s how we can guarantee that when you purchase Optimally Organic Freeze-Dried Whole-Fruit Acai Powder Supplement, you will enjoy an optimal health impact!

Further, our acai berries are never subjected to heat processing or even the slightest chemical particle. Once our acai berries are picked, they are flash-pasteurized at very low temperatures. This instant process of freeze drying protects preserves the many precious acai vitamins benefits, minerals, nutrients and essential omega fatty acids.

Brazilian Acai Berry

Our Environmentally-Friendly Growing and Harvesting Methods

Even though the acai palm trees grow abundantly in the nutrient-rich soil in the Amazon Forest, proper attention must be given to their specific conditions of the groves. Unless they are adequately maintained and fertilized, these trees won’t produce a healthy crop. Also, these trees, which grow up to 80 feet (25m) tall, must be able to catch the rays of the sun, and not be dwarfed by other growth. While the palm’s flowers and fruit grow continuously, there are peak production times with the primary harvesting time being the dry season, July through December.    

Each tree stem plays an important role in the production of acai fruit. Normally, there are four to eight bunches on a branch, each one weighing up to 6 kg. There in its natural habitat, the Açaí palm tree grows slowly, often taking up to 4 or 5 years before yielding fruit.

We monitor each step of the production, to ensure the environment is contaminant free. This includes the proper soil conditions for optimal growth, Precise Harvesting Methods, and our distinctive Freeze-Drying Process.

It doesn’t end there; we supervise its packaging, the storage facility and temperature as well as the shipping techniques. Optimally Organic differentiates itself from the competition by giving our products special care. This way, you can be guaranteed that before we sell our bioactive pure, raw organic freeze-dried Acai Berry Powder Supplement, that it will be superior to all others on the market. We guarantee it!

Optimally Organic is the Ultimate Source of Genuine Raw Acai Berry Powder Supplements

Competitors who are only interested in earning money aren’t interested in the freeze-drying process because it is 3 TIMES more expensive that other methods of drying the fruit. But there’s no other way to fully preserve its enzymes, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids. With our freeze-drying process, we can preserve the berries for 9 to 12 months, all without adding a single chemical or preservative!

Optimally Organic’s Raw Acai Berry Powder Supplements contain no fillers – no maltodextrin, soy lecithin, or seeds! While the pulp is nutritional, acai seeds are discarded. While they provide no direct health benefit, they are still too valuable to be trashed. They are the perfect additive for orchid beds and ornamental plants, as they are inexpensive fertilizers.

  • Certified organic. Many freeze-dried acai berry supplements on the market today have included nearly 70% of useless fillers!
  • One pound of our freeze-dried acai is equivalent to 7 to 10 pounds of frozen açaí berry pulp
  • Our pure acai powder supplement doesn’t require refrigeration prior to opening which means you can take it anywhere you want to go.

Some of the Exact Carriers and Preservatives that are Typically Used in Acai Berry Powder Production, that we Do Not Use.

  • Maltodextrin (Corn Sugar) is used as a carrier when the product is spray dried.
  • Citric Acid is legally required to preserve acai now, but is normally found in amounts well over the required 1%.

Additionally some companies will grind the seed up into the powder to add more weight.

Optimally Organic Rises Above the Competition

Our competitors are anxious to get their product to market. They purchase the pulp in bulk and use additives, including citric acid, when they finally begin their delayed process of freeze drying or spray drying. It’s not unusual at all for those additives - or carriers - to account for up to 70% of the finished product. This is not a good business practice; we demand superior products for our customers and we believe in utmost integrity in our processing methods. We contract growers who can oversee small parcels. We believe quality trumps quantity. Growing less but nurturing it is our only operating procedure at Optimally Organic. We do not compromise our exceptionally high standards in our processing methods. Subsequently, our Freeze-Dried Acai Powder is absolutely unrivaled!

Every steps of production, from the growing conditions, harvesting techniques, the drying process, packaging, storage and shipping methods, impact the quality and bioavailability of the final product. That is where Optimally Organic sets itself apart from the rest. We ensure the highest level of integrity at every level, through every step to ensure you receive a finished product that works. 

Immense Value Loaded into One Pound

Due to the fact that we ensure that all water has been removed from our premium acai berries, one single pound of our Freeze-Dried Açaí Powder is equivalent to 7-10 Pounds of Fresh Açaí Berry Pulp!

acai berry

Pasteurized Acai Juices are Devoid of Any Nutritional Value

As we mentioned, the acai berry can’t survive long before its nutrients disappear. Competitors aren’t concerned about that; they gather lifeless berries and subject them to pasteurization twice. As a result, they absorb toxic preservatives and fillers. If there are any antioxidants and omega fatty acids left, they are annihilated by those additives. It’s no wonder patrons are disillusioned when they hear about the benefits of Açaí yet notice no difference.

Another thing you will want to avoid is those encapsulated versions such as 4 to 1 acai. They are also hollow. The packages may be eye-popping, and the claims about weight loss may sound appealing, but inside, there are capsules filled with most ineffective açai on the planet.

Indigenous Amazonians Earn Good Honest Wages And Acai Trees aren’t Destroyed

The very harvesting and successful market for the berry is playing a major role in reducing the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. Before the world’s population learned of the immense value in acai, the trees were destined to be cut down for timber. That would leave thousands of acres unprotected from the deluge of rain. But now, the population has discovered that acai harvesting is so profitable they don’t have the need to cut down trees and sell for timber. Subsequently, families can remain together; males and females aren’t shuffled off to cities to be hotel mails and bus-boys.

Acai Berry Side Effects Warning

Occasionally, the nutrients in acai berry can interact with certain medications. Those who are involved in chemotherapy treatment should not take the acai berry supplement, as it may render that therapy ineffective.

How to use Acai Berry

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Great product. Good for whatever is dragging your health down.
I have used this (Acai Berry Powder) for over 7 years and I love it! It gives me piece of mind to know that my internal cellular structure is continually being renewed and I have had 2 colds in these 7 years and will continue to use this product for the rest of my life.
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A new addition to my smoothies
It's Bright color and fresh flavor bring Life to my smoothies!
Review by douglas / (Posted on 12/15/2017)
Great product. Good for whatever is dragging your health down.
I have used this (Acai Berry Powder) for over 7 years and I love it! It gives me piece of mind to know that my internal cellular structure is continually being renewed and I have had 2 colds in these 7 years and will continue to use this product for the rest of my life.
Review by Margie / (Posted on 12/15/2017)
This product is great gor energy and antioxidants. I noticed a burst of energy the same day I used it for the very first time. Another wonderful product from optimally organics. I am a costumer for life.
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Iron Level Normal Now
This organic acerola cherry powder actually helped me combat my anemia!! I use to chow-down on large cups of ice. My iron was very low, I was fatigued and weak. I drank the cherry powder juice daily, for about 2 months and notice my body change. My iron level is normal now!!I'm sooo very happy, no more ice cravings!!

P.S. I paired it with their Ionic Mineral Drops..
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Optimally Organic's acerola is the ONLY corn free acerola available. A fantastic product!
I searched long and hard to find a source of acerola cherry that was processed without GMO toxin filled corn based products such as maltodextrin, ascorbic acid, or solvents. Optimally organic is, as far as I know, the ONLY such source of this excellent natural vitamin C. (Just for the consumer's information; 99% of vitamin C/ascorbic acid available on the world market is made from non organic GMO corn... a toxic and highly allergenic product. If it doesn't specify "corn free", and give an alternate source, such as tapiocca or beet, it is made from corn. Acerola cherry is the highest natural source of vitamin C. Optimally Organic's acerola is the only one processed without the self same toxin laden corn.) An excellent option!! Thank you for making this fine product.
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