All 90+ Nutrient Kit

All 90+ Nutrient Kit #1 - 60 Day Supply - 10% Off!

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1 x 100 Wild Plant Enzymes and Probiotic

1 x Fulvic Ionic Minerals X350

1 x Full Spectrum Daily 1/2 lb

2 x Marine Phytoplankton

1 x Chaga Extract

1 x Siberian Ginseng Extract

Total Wellness Protocol

Phase 2: Rebuilding of the Body with
90+ Nutrients

Think about a computer for a moment. We can try to boot it up, but without
power, not much is going to happen. Our bodies are the same. Phase 1
is the comprehensive breakdown of each system to clean ourselves out.
Now, we must supplement our bodies with all of the necessary nutrients
to keep our bodies strong.
This sounds complex, but in reality, we can knock out all of the essential
nutrients within five key groups. The number of supplements you take
within each group depends on you, but at Optimally Organic we’ve
narrowed it down so that any product we produce within each group is
enough to cover all nutrients in that given category. Meaning, we knock
out all 90+ nutrients in just five products