Red Pine Needle Introduction

  • Authors: Christopher and Dana VanDeCar (Owners and Founders of Optimally Organic)

There are many different types of pine tree, and they grow all over the world. Not all are suitable for consumption, and not all are beneficial for health. Red Pine Needle is an extract taken from the leaves of the Pinus Densiflora tree, also known as the Korean Red Pine.

In extract form, red pine needle is considered to be a powerful agent against foreign invaders in the body. It has anti-oxidant, anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is a strong cleanser and therapeutic aid that was even revered by Hippocrates, one of the founders of Western medicine.

Red Pine Needle is available as an essential oil, food supplement capsules, and as a topical soap.

The Korean Red Pine Needle Tree

The Korean Red Pine tree is indigenous to Japan, China, Korea, and some parts of Russia. It is an evergreen tree, but does have a slight yellow tinge in the winter.

Where it grows, the Korean Pine is highly revered as a source of timber, and as an ornamental tree is gardens. In Korea it also stands as a symbol of fidelity and fortitude.

The Korean Red Pine can grow nearly 100ft tall, but usually stands at around 20-40m. As the name would suggest, the leaves are needle-like. They are the source of the oil which is used in Red Pine extracts.

Pine needles has a rich history of use around the world. They were used by Native Americans to prevent bedbugs and lice, have been brewed in tea, vaporized and inhaled for chest ailments, and used as a beneficial food supplement throughout the East.

Optimally Organic Red Pine Needle products are extracted from native Red Pine that grows in their natural environment in the mountains of Korea. They contain all of the natural goodness of this iconic and useful plant.

What Does Red Pine Needle Contain?

Red Pine Needle extract has been studied to examine its contents, and this holds the clue to the potential benefits that it holds. Red Pine Needle contains:

  • Protein – Red Pine Needle contains useful proteins. Protein is one of the most essential components for the body's cells. They use it to build and repair tissue in bone, muscle, skin, cartilage and blood. Protein also helps with the production of enzymes and hormones.

  • Vitamin A – Red Pine Needle contains a high level of Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant which helps to fight free radicals and slow down aging. Vitamin A helps maintain neurological functioning, vision, and keeps skin healthy.

  • Carotene – Red Pine Needle contains carotene. The body converts carotene into Vitamin A, providing yet more antioxidant potential.

  • Iron – Red Pine Needle contains high amounts of Iron, an essential mineral that aids the production of red blood cells, and helps to carry oxygen to the blood. Consuming enough iron also prevents deficiencies, such as anemia and coughs.

  • Rutin – Red Pine Needle contains Rutin, a plant pigment that has immense antioxidant properties. It has also been shown to strengthen blood vessels, and could help with varicose veins, hemorrhoids and internal bleeding.

All of these naturally occurring compounds hint at the powerful antioxidant effects of Red Pine Needle, as well as its ability to cleanse and detoxify. There are many uses of Red Pine Needle, and you can find the extract in many forms.

Useful Aspects Of Red Pine Needle

Antioxidant Qualities

You can see from the contents of Red Pine Needle, that many of its components have antioxidant qualities. The combination of Vitamin A, carotene, and Rustin give Red Pine extract a tripe boost of antioxidants.

Antioxidants are known to neutralize free radicals. Less free radicals in the body means slower cell deterioration, and this helps to slow the aging process, and keep the skin and hair looking healthy. Antioxidants are also known to protect the body from nervous system disorders and muscle degeneration.


Chlorophyl is the green pigment present in most green vegetation, and Red Pine Needle is no different. It contains high amounts of this useful substance, which is used by plants for photosynthesis.

It turns out that chlorophyl is amazingly similar to hemoglobin, the compound responsible for transporting oxygen around the blood. When consumed by humans, chlorophyl transforms in the blood, and helps with the transport of oxygen.

Chlorophyl can also has a potent antioxidant property, adding to the trio already present in the pine. It can help to remove toxins and metals, and makes iron bioavailable in the blood.


Phenols are a chemical compound that is often toxic, but certain types, such as those found in Red Pine Needle, are known to benefit health in a number of ways. Phenols have a disinfectant quality, are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and have been shown to have chemo-preventive properties.

Phenols may even reduce the risk of cancer, of assist in healthy recovery from cancer treatments.

Potential Uses Of Red Pine Needle Extract

Given the useful ingredients and components of Red Pine Needle, it follows that the extract has some potential uses that could bring benefit to your life. These uses include:

  • Red Pine Needle as a food supplementThe Ultimate Plant Based Extract for Immune Defense. Cleanse the body of Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites and Fungi. Support your body in cleansing the arteries of plaque buildup. Rejuvenate your skin for a brighter, clearer complexion from the inside out.

  • Red Pine Needle as a disinfectant – Red Pine Needle has its application as a disinfectant. You can add it to sprays and air fresheners to help to control the spread of household germs, mildew, and E-coli. It also has a really nice smell! The liquid essential oil extract is best for this use.

  • Red Pine Needle in Aromatherapy – Red Pine Needle is the perfect oil for use in Aromatherapy. Not only does it give off a relaxing and enticing aroma, but also be recommended for the lungs and adrenal fatigue. Use the essential oil in an oil burner.

Red Pine Oil Side Effects and Warnings

Red Pine Extract shows amazing potential as a health food supplement, with many beneficial active ingredients, and solid research to back up its use. The use of Red Pine Needle is generally safe, but there are a few warnings of pine needles to take note of.

Pregnant women are advised not to use Red Pine Needle as cows that grazed on the Pinus densiflora needles were shown to miscarry. Though no research shows it to be a danger to humans, we DO NOT recommend this product if pregnant, or trying to become pregnant.

Optimally Organic's Red Pine Needle Products

Optimally Organic offer several Red Pine Needle products, including our Red Pine Needle Oil, Red Pine Needle Capsules, and Glycerin Soap with red pine and olive oils.

All of our products are of the highest quality and purity available, and are grown and harvested organically to the highest ethical standards. Our products:

  • Come from Korean Red Pine trees that grow wild in their native environment, in the high mountain climates of Korea.

  • Wild-crafted and beyond organic, grown without chemical fertilizers.

  • Are harvested in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner, for reduced environmental impact and a sustainable future for both production and for the planet.

  • Use a special steam and water-based extraction method to guarantee absolute purity.

  • Are of the highest quality and purity available anywhere, and come at a reasonable price.

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