Benefits Of Living Probiotics And Enzymes

  • Authors: Christopher and Dana VanDeCar (Owners and Founders of Optimally Organic)

When it comes to proper food digestion, absorption of nutrients, keeping the immune system high, and literally 1000s of other physical functions, probiotics and enzymes are absolutely crucial. These things provide our bodies with a vital element of healthful gut flora. Without these things working in our systems, digestion becomes a good deal more challenging. However, while the name “gut bacteria” may sound a little distasteful, the truth of the matter is that our gut bacteria is responsible for a great deal. Good health in this area can have thousands and thousands of positive benefits, beyond good digestion.

What Is The Difference Between Good Bacteria And Bad Bacteria?

One important thing we must do is establish the distinction between good bacteria and bad bacteria. Of all the bacteria that is in our bodies, it is estimated that around eighty-five percent of it is the good kind of bacteria. The remaining 15% would be the bad kind. Good bacteria helps to do things like break down foods, while absorbing nutrients. Immunity and digestion are two processes that require good gut bacteria. This is where a probiotic can be helpful.

Generally speaking, bad bacteria is considered pathogenic bacteria. This kind of bacteria can make us ill, or cause infections. In certain extreme cases, it can kill us! Getting restful sleep, cleansing, sticking to the right diet, and getting all 90+ nutrients are all good ways to minimize the presence of bad bacteria. Adding probiotics to your daily life can also be beneficial!

Shopping For Probiotic Products

There are a number of different ways in which one can get the probiotic benefits that we will cover in this article. Unfortunately, not all of these ways are created equal. While there are a number of different products on the market that promise to give you the enzymes and probiotics that your body needs for good gut health and more, it is regrettably true that not all of these products are the same. In the same way that one should always strive to be a smart consumer when purchasing food and other essentials, it is important to take the task of finding the best possible enzymes and probiotics product seriously.

To that end, Optimally Organic is pleased to offer 100 Wild Plant Enzymes & Probiotics, along with Chaga and Wild Herbs Probiotics. When you learn about the benefits of maintaining good gut health, it will be easier to appreciate the value of purchasing the best possible product for your needs. It can also be useful to learn about things like prebiotics, or why it can be a smart call to pick a liquid probiotic or liquid enzymes product over anything else on the market.

Furthermore, the way in which your supplements are brought to the market is yet another factor to consider. With 100 Wild Plant, you can take advantage of a highly unique, extremely informed process that allows this particular item to be one of the most powerful and beneficial products on the market.

Let’s start your journey to better gut health with a brief overview of why probiotics are so important. To begin with, let’s try to remember in many medical and similar circles, the stomach is referred to as the 2nd brain!

What Are Probiotics?

Believe it or not, but our bodies rely on things like bacteria, viruses, or fungi for certain essential functions. Gut bacteria is a good example of this concept in action. Our metabolic processes rely on strong gut bacteria to help with digestion, but there are a lot of other benefits to good gut health that are important to consider.

In terms of getting to the forefront of these benefits, a probiotic product is going to prove to be your best bet. The best examples of these products will aid your intestinal microflora. It is your intestinal microflora that improves your ability with digesting, absorbing, and eliminating the foods that we eat. It stands to reason that you are going to want to eat good foods, but that’s only part of the equation that leads to good health. Good gut health is absolutely essential for these processes.

Yet good gut flora extends beyond simply helping us digest/absorb/eliminate our foods. We need billions and billions of different strains, and billions of these billions at that.

If you are looking for best bet probiotic items, here are some things to look for: 

  • You want a fermented product.
  • You want something that is still alive. This means something that has food, water, warmth, and air. You do not want something that has been killed, due to processing or capsulizing.
  • You want a product that contains many, many different strains.

Why Do We Need Good Gut Flora?

We now understand that good gut flora also plays a vital role in:

  • Immune health: Microflora works to keep pathogenic organisms from taking over the body. Good gut health also keeps the pH levels in your digestive tract from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria you don’t want. Salmonella is a good example.
  • Mental health: Sleep problems, anxieties, and depression are among the conditions that seem to have a close connection to intestinal complaints. While we don’t know for certain which influences which, there is a growing concern that the declining of gut flora in many human beings has a profound link to the rising tide of depression in the United States and elsewhere.
  • Energy: At optimal levels, our bacterial flora seems to have an extremely positive influence on our energy levels. Probiotics help us to maintain good interferon levels.
  • Weight: Antibiotics are known to be disastrous for the natural bacteria in our bodies. As most of us know at this point, the antibiotics used for cows/pigs/chickens are designed to create more growth with less food. Something like a liquid probiotic or liquid enzymes product can restore the natural bacteria. This helps us to not only have more energy to burn off what we already eat, but it also keeps us from eating more than we actually need.
  • Long life: When our bacterial flora is rich, healthful, and diverse, our overall health improves. Obviously, better health tends to lead to a longer, happier life. 

These are only a few benefits of using a probiotic product to level the playing field, in terms of everything in the world that seems to wear us down. Remember that this concept of feeling burned out isn’t just mental. It can be physical. In many cases, it can be traced back to our stomachs. Our latest research is establishing an elaborate 2-way form of communication that is now known as the gut-brain axis. Continued research is looking to establish a clear link between how can microbes can influence how the brain develops, with particular attention to the areas that influence stress responses. This includes the conditions that are linked to stress, which includes anxiety and depression.

The Truth About Most Probiotic Products

There are a ton of products offering probiotics on the market right now. Choosing the right one can be a little challenging for someone who is just starting to learn about all of these things. One of the most important things to understand with most products is that they are not alive.

If you see a product that promises something like “1 billion”, understand that the testing process usually occurs before capsulizing/bottling. More often than not, these populations are not sustainable. They can be killed in processing, or while they are being capsulized. For a product to be effective, as we mentioned before, it must include essentials like warmth, air, food, and water.

100 wild plants isn’t just a marketing gimmick. 100 actual wild plants are utilized in the creation of this product. The inclusion of the 100 different wild plants is important because 100 different plants can give nature the opportunity for additional strains of probiotics. Kept in massive clay pots for a period of five years, it is crucial that a good, healthy living bacteria strain has plenty of room in which to breathe and feed. This ensures that you are getting a product that is actually a living product. This is how Optimally Organic is different from the other examples of probiotic products that are available. 100 Wild Plant is brought to you through a Korean process that has been in practice for more than five thousand years. The herbs come from a demilitarized zone in Korea, in which only six hundred people are allowed. This is one of the most pristine ecological environments on the globe.

Why Fermenting Is Important With Probiotics

Another fact that unfortunately follows a number of probiotic products on the market is that not all of them undergo an essential fermentation process. Fermentation is extremely important, when it comes to getting the best possible probiotics and enzymes into a supplement. During the process of growth, it is important to create conditions that will allow the bacteria to develop the best possible characteristics for the consumer. These characteristics can allow for such benefits as better survival through your gastrointestinal tract.

Fermenting also kills and pushes out the bad bacteria, while increasing the creation of good bacteria.

Utilizing the best fermentation practices available, Optimally Organic maintains the highest possible purity standards. This in turn translates to a supplement that will give you the best possible access to the benefits of good gut health that we covered earlier. 100 Wild Plant Enzymes and Probiotics contains flowers, roots, barks, leaves, seeds, pine needles, stems, and other ingredients from the high mountains of Korea. Everything you will find in the ingredients undergoes a natural fermentation process that lasts for three to five years. This gives you a nutrient-rich supplement that is free of chemicals, undesirable additions, or even water.

Our natural fermentation allows for the integrity and benefits of these wild plants to remain optimal in every possible regard.


100 Wild Plant Enzymes and Probiotics comes in the form of a liquid. With liquid enzymes and liquid probiotic products, this is perhaps the best form in which to ingest the probiotic. The liquid form not only ensures the highest possible integrity of the finished product, but it also allows for a more efficient delivery system. The best probiotic foods out there tend to be the ones that come in a liquid or near-liquid form. Yogurt is a good example of that thought.

A stronger gut is more important than ever these days. While a good diet will definitely go a long way towards making sure your gut health can benefit the rest of your health, it is well worth keeping in mind that a good diet is generally not enough. Additional measures can go a long way towards making sure you are giving your gut the best bacteria possible. This is where a supplement makes the most sense. When you know where to go for the best possible supplement, the benefits are going to be straightforward, numerous, and clear. You will find yourself with more energy, a better mood, and the ability to benefit from proper digestive practices.

100 Wild Plant Enzymes and Probiotics has been created by individuals who understand the full potential of using natural ingredients with a dedicated, disciplined fermentation process. While there are a number of different products that you can try, Optimally Organic is going to be your best bet for something that truly appreciates what happens when your body is getting the probiotic assistance it requires.

100 Wild Plant Enzymes & Probiotics is just one of the enzymes and probiotics products available through Optimally Organic. Chaga & Wild Herb Probiotics would be the other. Both products contain powerful probiotic elements. However, Chaga & Wild Herb also comes with its own unique benefits. For example, chaga mushrooms are noted for providing powerful immune booster properties.

Also, don’t forget that enzymes are just as important as probiotics, when it comes to maintaining the best possible gut bacteria. These are the proteins that are responsible for providing a crucial catalyst for the 1000s of biochemical reactions that occur in our bodies. With digestive enzymes, you are talking about something that occurs outside the cells that can be found throughout our gastrointestinal tracts. When we get what we need in this regard, our bodies become that much better at maintaining the proper digestive practices that we have been talking about. 100 Wild Plant combines all of these things into a simple package.

Best of all, the benefits of maintaining good gut bacteria are benefits that tend to appear rather quickly. You aren’t going to have to wait very long to feel like you have more energy. You aren’t going to have to wait very long to feel as though your mood has been dramatically improved. Finally, you are going to feel lighter than ever before. Poor digestion often leaves us feeling bloated and exhausted. The belly bloat isn’t just something that feels a little uncomfortable. It means we aren’t getting the things we desperately need from one day to the next. 100 Wild Plant connects you to those things.

Remember: When it comes to optimal health, good and big poops are very important! Probiotic supplements can help to achieve this!

It is also important to note that there are no significant side effects to this product. There might be some minor discomfort in your stomach area, as your body gets used to suddenly becoming more efficient, but this feeling will pass in short order. There are no side effects to utilizing this liquid probiotics solution. Just keep in mind that this product can be enjoyed in one of two different ways. You can take a recommended dosage without any additions. You can also choose to dilute the product with a small amount of water, prior to drinking. Many prefer to drink 100 Wild Plant Enzymes and Probiotics at full strength. However, if you are new to trying these things, it might be a good idea to enjoy this supplement with a slight addition of water. Remember to only take 1 ounce per dose, in addition to the nice benefit of being able to enjoy this product with or without food.

Take care of certain bacteria. You will be amazed at the myriad of ways in which it will take care of you.

Wild-Crafted Ingredients:

Wild spinach, wild rose, wild rocambole, wild chrysanthemum, wild parsley, wild berries, wild grapes, wild apricot, thistle, broad bellflower, arrow root, worm wood, peppermint, red pine needles, sheppard’s purse, citron, lettuce, allium, fig, cherry, acia, pumpkin, burdock, lotus root, parsley, beet sedum, brown seaweed, adlay, red bean, cabbage, potato, comfrey, plum, reed, evening primrose, plantain, rush, mulberry leaves, wheat, kale, azalea, barley, bean, indian corn, millet, dandelion, acorn, tomato, chrysanthemum, bo tree, mallow, eggplant, pea, ginger, garlic, spinach, mother wart, beefsteak plant, buckwheat, cucumber, pear, apple, orange, black rice, solomon seal, purslane, fern, watermelon, persimmon, jujube, sweet potato, mushroom, butterbur, bush clover, aster, aloe, green tea, cat tail, cactus, day lily, sea lettuce, plum, fatsia shoots, fruit, leopard plant, tangle, narcissus, peach, pheasant’s eye, siberian chrysanthemum, stonecrop, sunflower, sour sorrel, rape, lotus, brown sugar. No added chemicals, colors or preservatives!