Did you know that most health issues are caused by 2 things?

1) Toxic Overload = too many toxins in our cells; and

2) Nutritional Deficiencies = too few of the 90+ nutrients our bodies require reaching our cells.

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By the founders of Optimally Organic:

Christopher & Dana VanDeCar


The Problems with Our Modern Lifestyle

Consider the possibility that the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat are contributing to some of the most horrific physical and mental health issues we can experience, including cancer, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, depression, dementia and Alzheimer's disease and more.

We are under a constant assault from what we put in our bodies, both voluntarily and involuntarily. As a result, our bodies have been over burdened with a myriad of heavy metals, chemicals, free radicals, plastic toxins, bacteria, fungi, and parasites through contaminated air, food, and drinking water. In addition, food grown in depleted soils with chemicals offer limited to no health benefit - it is only through healthy, living soils and clean water that plants obtain their nutrients.

Maybe this hits home for you because you or someone you love is already experiencing sickness and disease. You may be thinking it’s too late to make any changes that will be of any real benefit, but that’s not true. These ailments may actually be rooted in parasitical infestations, bacterial infections, fungi, heavy metal toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, and chemical overload. By taking the necessary steps, which most of us can do with a bit of patience and discipline, you can cleanse your body of these harmful elements and re-enable and re-establish your body’s natural healing ability.

  1. The first phase involves gently cleansing the heavy metals, chemicals, parasites, bacteria, fungi, and other contaminates that have made their way into your body.
  2. The second phase focuses on providing your body with the 90+ nutrients every human body requires to functioning properly. If even one of these 90+ nutrients is missing, the other 89 will suffer from low or no absorption capacity. This is because many of the elements we require work synergistically within the body, and cannot do their jobs alone. Nutritional deficiencies cause a breakdown in your Krebs Cycle and a breakdown in the healthy functioning of all of our body systems. When your body systems are in crisis mode, they cannot do their job of cleansing and healing. This results in a body over-run by toxicity and acidity and a poor immune system that cannot repair it. Early symptoms can include fatigue, dizziness, emotional imbalances, blurred vision, short term memory loss, headaches, mild to severe aches and pains, and intestinal issues.

Results have included:

Increase in…

  • Ability to lose weight
  • Energy and stamina
  • Ability to focus
  • Memory

Decrease in…

  • Headaches
  • Colds & Flu’s
  • Fatigue & exhaustion
  • Diarhea & constipation


  • Immune system
  • Digestive system
  • Athletic ability
  • Cognitive function

& many more…


Cleanse all the following all at once:
  • Blader
  • Pancreas
  • Lungs
  • Brain
  • Free Radicals
  • Bacteria
  • Impacted Read Matter
  • Heavy Metals
  • Parasites
  • Mold
  • Yeast
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Small Intestines
  • Chemicals
  • Radiation
  • Fungi
  • Plastic - Toxins
  • Gallblader
  • Collon
  • Toxic Tissues
  • and more...

Cleanse your body, head to toe, all at once, synergistically,
using the following products 3 times daily as directed:

1 - Water Extracted Fulvic Ionic Minerals™

Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, and Ionic Trace Minerals play an essential role in transporting nutrients into our cells and removing toxins from our cells. This is their job. This product is a plant based, water extracted, preservative free, and bio-available/bio-active.It is recommended for alkalinity and addressing heavy metals, chemicals, and radiation.

2 - Red Pine Needle Oil

Our Wild-Crafted Red Pine Needle Oil (Pinus densiflora) is an incredibly special and precious oil whose rare C10 molecule passes the blood/brain barrier. Our Red Pine Oil (aka Japanese Red Pine and Korean Red Pine) is harvested in an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable manner from trees growing wild in Korea's high mountain forests, the most pristine growing conditions possible. One of its most amazing properties is its ability to support the body against all types of foreign invaders. It contains Chlorophyll, Iron, Beta-Carotene, Protein, Vitamin A, Rutin, the C10 molecule, and an incredible natural Turpentine unique to Pinus densiflora needles, FDA approved for internal use.

3 - Essiac Tea

Utilizing a highly-prized 8-herb recipe, popularized by Nurse Caisse several generations ago, essiac tea contains such ingredients as kelp, red clover, and slippery elm bark. It can cleanse the colon, the gallbladder, the kidneys, and the small intestines. It can also be used to cleanse the blood and pancreas.

4 - Samoan Noni

Made from whole, ripe, and unfermented Noni fruit, which includes both the skin and pulp, this superfruit features alkaloids that are absolutely vital towards maintaining an optimal balance within our bodies. Noni can cleanse both the cells and colon. Over 140 nutraceuticals support this specific cleansing supplement.

5 - Chaga Mushroom

Raw Chaga is an Extreme Antioxidant with an ORAC of nearly 50,000! Chaga is one of natures oldest medicinal herbs. Prized worldwide as "The Medicinal King of Herbs" and a precious gift from nature.This superfood is recommended to cleanse free radicals, while providing your system with powerful immunity boosting nutrients during parasite die-off.

6 - Bitter Kernels

Featuring vitamin B17, these unsalted bitter kernels are organically grown in Canada. The kernels are low temp air-dried to preserve this blend of protein, vitamin B1, essential fatty acids, and more. Bitter kernels help the body cleanse unhealthy tissues.

7 - Supergreens

This blend utilizes wheat grass juice powder, barley grass juice powder, alfalfa grass juice powder, chlorella, and spirulina. This all-organic, all-raw, freeze-dried powder can cleanse your blood, bladder, colon, and kidneys. At the same time, this supergreens blend can support the cleansing of heavy metals, via the colon.

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Cleansing Kit (60 Days Supply)

  • Fulvic X350 (2oz) x1
  • Red Pine Needle Oil (2oz) x1
  • Canadian Chaga (1/2lbs) x1
  • Essiac Tea Powder (1/2lbs) x1
  • Samoan Noni (1/2lbs) x1
  • Supergreens (1/2lbs) x1
  • Bitter Kernels (1/2lbs) x1


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Group 1: Fulvic & Humics Acids with all 77 Ionic Trace Minerals

Fulvic ionic minerals are also crucial to the success of Phase 2. In addition to cleansing our bodies, they also provide a vital role in transporting nutrients to cells throughout our bodies.

Group 2: Enzymes & Probiotics

Did you know that not all bacteria is bad? While we often hear of antibiotics (drugs that kill off bad bacteria), we need to fill our bodies with good bacteria, also known as probiotics. This bacteria improves our immune system’s ability to ward off attacks from viruses, chemicals, and more. It’s also bacteria that help us regulate our digestive system and increase our ability to lose weight. As for enzymes, these are catalysts that speed up the reaction our body has to the probiotics, helping us increase the rate in which we experience the health benefits.

Group 3: Elemental Minerals

Elemental minerals are not the same as trace minerals, but both are necessary for health. We can get all of our elemental minerals that our bodies need from one of two sources: the right kind of supergreen (also part of the detox phase), or we can get it from phytoplankton. Like Fulvic Ionic Minerals, supergreens are part of both Phase 1 and Phase 2. In Phase 2, the supergreens supply our bodies with the right minerals from the plants, as opposed to supplements created in a lab. To make sure the right amount of minerals are in every serving, look for a blend of spirulina, wheatgrass juice, barley grass juice, alfalfa grass juice and chlorella.

Group 4: Omega Fatty Acids

The idea that fat is what actually makes us fat is a huge misnomer. Our bodies need fat to work properly. In fact, one of the most efficient ways to lose weight is to eat a diet full of protein and healthy fats. In Phase 2, we need fat to ensure the supplements we take and the cells we effect function properly. Some of the ways we can get these fats are through acai berries, coconut oil, and cacao beans. Plant based fat is more effective in actually losing weight rather than getting our fat from animals.

Group 5: Antioxidants & Vitamins

Last but not least, we need the proper amount of antioxidants and vitamins in our body to fight free radicals (toxic molecules) from doing harm to us. Antioxidants and the right kind of vitamins can destroy these free radicals and keep our immune systems far healthier than ever.

Group 6: Cannabinoids

Throughout our brains and bodies, we have receptors that are specifically designed to benefit from cannabinoids. It is important to understand that different cannabinoids have different benefits, as they work with receptors at different points in our bodies. For example, the cannabinoids found in industrial CBD hemp oil from Optimally Organic work with receptors that exist to benefit from CBD hemp oil. These receptors can be found throughout our bodies. Neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects are among the benefits studied and associated in conjunction with the use of legal CBD oil.

Industrial hemp oil from Optimally Organic is 100% legal to use in the United States. This is because it comes from industrial hemp sources found throughout Eastern Europe. There is nothing illegal whatsoever about anything that can be found in this oil.

All 90+ Nutrient Kit (60 Days Supply)

  • Fulvic X350 (2oz) x1
  • Concentrated Hemp Oil (1oz) x1
  • Marine Phytoplankton (25g) x1
  • Full Spectrum Daily (1/2lbs) x1
  • 100 Wild Plant Enzyme & Probiotic x1


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