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Red Pine Needle Oil

Product Review (submitted on July 27, 2017):
"Many people feel an immediate sense of clarity and heightened energy from this precious oil. This miracle product is truly unparalleled by any other. Try it today and feel the immediate effects your body will experience!"
Normally I would dismiss this kind of praise as exaggerated hype, but Optimally Organic already has my trust though the excellence of its Fulvic Ionic Minerals. So, even though I have to pay quite a bit more because I'm in Canada, I decided to give it a try. My age is 64, so the promise of less sag was enticing! Plus I'm embarking on a new part-time career in addition to my fulltime job, so I'm busier than I've ever been in my life before; therefore the promise of increased energy was also a big attraction!
I started taking the Red Pine Needle Oil earlier this week, putting the drops in a glass of Reverse Osmosis water. The taste is antiseptic but fine.
The benefits of natural products usually take time to show themselves. Not this one. I could see a difference in my face almost immediately. My jawline is firmer and my face doesn't look anywhere near as tired. And I do feel clearer in my mind. While I still feel tired at the end of every busy day, I don't feel completely wiped out. And I've only been taking Red Pine Needle Oil for a few days... Amazing!
It should be said that I eat and drink healthily, including probiotics, but I think that, when taken as advised, in conjunction with Fulvic Ionic Minerals, this truly might be a miracle product!
I'm very grateful.