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Red Pine Needle Oil

Product Review (submitted on May 6, 2016):
I want to thank Christopher for helping me with my last order,
and for being so kind and caring, I am sorry it took so long to write this, My husband has been going through cancer treatments, and is done, just waiting for a pet scan. The doctors didn't want him to take any supplements while going through radiation. The minute he stopped we took all the things we ordered. He is doing wonderful, gaining weight back, feeling strong. His tongue turned black for so long, but now all the chemicals are out of him. he did the fulvic ionic minerals everyday, along with the red pine needle oil (Thank you Christopher). Essiac tea, chaga tea, apricot seeds. A funny thing happened to me as I was doing all of this also. I went to get my hair cut, and when she lifted my bangs to cut them, she said, What are you taking? you have NEW hair growth. My husbands hair is also growing. God Bless you, and thanks again Barb Sweatt