Face Mask - Organic Cotton - Blue w/ String Ties - Optimally Organic

Face Mask - Organic Cotton - Blue w/ String Ties

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Blue Face Mask w/ String Ties - Sm/Med
Ingredient list: 100% Organic Cotton

Adjustable Fit for Ages 6yrs to Adult (up to 140lbs)
Fully Adjustable with String Ties for around the Head or Ears

Metal Adjustable Nose Bridge (Removable for Washing)
Filter Opening at Bottom makes this Reversible
Made in Southern California, USA!

"The High Quality you Expect, with the Comfort, Longevity and Protection you Deserve."

Made in the USA using the Softest and Cleanest Organic Cotton Fabric. With a cotton interlock fabric weight of 15oz per linear yard, this 2 Layer Face Mask is equivalent to a 4 Layer Face Mask made with 7oz cotton (other face coverings are usually made with a 7oz cotton weight). The String Ties allow you to adjust your face covering to fit a Child of 6 years old to an Adult Size Small to Medium (up to 140lbs is a good guide). The removable aluminum nose strip is made in the USA and allows for an even better seal. The Filter Opening allows for extra layering, if desired (filter not included). We place the filter opening at the bottom to make this a reversible face mask that will further increase the longevity of your investment.

  • 2 Layers of the Highest Quality Cotton Fabric.
  • Fully Adjustable using String Ties (around the head or ears.)
  • Metal Nose Bridge is Made in the USA and Removable for Washing to Protect your Fabric.
  • Size Small/Medium adjusts to fit Children Ages 6 years to Adults up to approx. 140lbs.
  • Does not fall apart after a few washes like other fabric face coverings when cared for as directed.*

"This Soft, Lux Organic Cotton Face Covering is ideal for a guaranteed snug fit, every time. The string tie design ensures it will stay put during all your favorite activities, while providing a proper fit."

Recommendations for Use: Wash Before Using.* 1) Use String Ties to Create a Snug Fit: Hold the mask by the upper strings. Tie the upper strings in a secure bow near the crown of your head. Tie the bottom strings securely in a bow near the nape of your neck. You may also choose to use the string ties to make adjustable ear loops by tying in a bow around the ear. 2) Adjust the Nose Bridge for a better seal. 3) Add a filter for extra protection, if desired. Wash After Each Use.*

*Care Instructions: Remove Metal Nose Bridge and Machine Wash on gentle cycle (in a cloth bag or pillowcase is best) or hand wash. Tumble dry on low or hang dry.

Never Touch the front of your mask during use, just as you would avoid touching your face. If you need to reposition your mask while wearing it, use the rear straps to maneuver it rather than touching the face of the mask. Wash your hands for 20 seconds prior to removing your mask or use hand sanitizer if washing isn't an option. First untie the lower straps, then pull up and over your head, ensuring the front of your mask doesn't touch your face. Toss your mask into a bag (keep in your car or at the point of entry to your home). If using a disposable bag, toss mask into washing machine, then throw away the bag and wash your hands again for 20 seconds. If using a washable bag, throw both your bag and your mask into the washing machine, and wash your hands for 20 seconds.

This is Not a Medical Grade Face Mask.
Do Not place on Children under 2 Years of Age.
Always have children under supervision if wearing a face covering.
Do Not place on anyone who has trouble breathing or is otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance, is incapacitated, or is unconscious.
FINAL SALE Item: Due to the hygienic nature of this product, it is not eligible for return or exchange.

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