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  1. Coconut Oil

    Out of stock

    Organic, Extra Virgin, Cold-Pressed, Centrifuge Extracted Coconut Oil
    Raw, Pure, and Unrefined in a 17oz Glass Jar

    The Purest, Creamiest, Most Delicious and Aromatic Coconut Oil You will Ever Encounter!

    Optimally Organic Extra Virgin Centrifuge Extracted Coconut Oil is VERY different from other coconut oils that are merely Virgin or even Cold Pressed. We start with fresh, cold pressed coconut cream and then pass it through a series of centrifuges to seperate the water and oil within the cream. The result is a truly raw and pure coconut oil second to none, you will be sure to taste the incredible difference!

    A Delicious, Wonderfully Aromatic, and Cholesterol Free alternative to butter, olive oil or vegetable oils.

    17oz Glass Jar

    3 Jar Discounts Available!

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  2. Glycerin Soap (Red Pine Needle Oil & Organic Olive Oil)

    Red Pine Needle Oil and Olive Oil Glycerin Soap
    Luxurious, Healing, Nourishing, Gentle, & Anti-Bacterial

    Our Red Pine Needle Oil and Olive Oil Glycerin Bar Soap is highly sought after for its incredible healing properties and can be used for every skin condition and every skin type including acne. All Natural and plant based. Excellent Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Aging, Nourishing, Moisturizing, and Rejuvenating properties. Free of chemicals, preservatives, or carriers of any kind.

    Ingredients: Plant Based Glycerin, Wild-Crafted Red Pine Needle Oil and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    Available in 5oz bars.

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  3. Lip Balm Quadruplets

    Lips Balms - Pack of 4
    Created by Earth Mama
    100% Natural, Smooth & Yummy
    Certified Organic Ingredients
    No Petrolatum or Preservatives
    No Synthetic Flavorings or Artifical Colors
    Safe for the Entire Family
    Super Clean & Super Hydrating

    A Set of 4 Great Smelling & Super Hydrating Lip Balms that Contains 1 Each of the Following:

    1. Orange Ginger

        (with organic beeswax)
    2. Coconut Smoothie

        (with organic coconut oil and cacao butter)
    3. Lavendar Meringue

      (with organic oilve oil and shea butter)
    4. Mint Herbal

       (with organic oilve oil and shea butter)

    "The Cleanest & Most Hydrating Lip Balms We have Ever Encountered!"

    These amazing lip balms have the cleanest ingredients and are long lasting. So good you will want to eat them!
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  4. Fulvic Acid X100 For Sale (Fulvic Trace Minerals) | Optimally Organic

    Out of stock

    1 month supply*
    Patented Water Extracted Fulvic Acid™
    Chemical Free Product. Potassium Hydroxide is never used to produce this product (competitors' extraction method).
    • Produced using Distilled Water, not tap water (competitors' water source).
    Plastic Free Product. This product has never touched plastic (in stark contrast with our competitors' production methods). From start to finish, it has only come in contact with glass or stainless steel.
    Extracted from USA sourced Humic Shale Ancient Plant Deposits. Never extracted from brown coal, lignite, leonardite or bog moss (competitors' source materials).

    For more information, consult our Fulvic Acid Benefits Infographic and Fulvic Ionic Minerals Guide.
    US. Pat. No. 10,314,874

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