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  1. Glycerin Soap (Organic Peony Flower)

    Organic Plant Based Peony Glycerin Soap is prized for its purity, gentle cleansing, ability to increase moisture levels in the skin and ability to improve a variety of skin conditions. It can be used on any skin type for a  rejuvenating affect.

    The Organic Peony Flower used in our soap gives this luxurious soap a wonderful light fragrance of fresh flowers.

    Our Organic Peony Glycerin Soap is known for:
    Incredible Antioxidant properties;
    Lightening the appearance of liver spots;
    Lightening appearance of freckles; and
    Lightening other blemishes caused by Aging or Sun Damage

    : Plant Based Glycerin and Organic Peony Flower. 

    Available in 5oz bars.


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  2. Hand Sanitizer Spray Lavender 2oz

    French Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray (2oz / 60ml)
    All Organic & Sustainable Ingredients
    Organic Sugar Cane Derived Ethanol
    Organic French Lavendar Oil (Lavandula angustifolia)
    Organic Coconut Oil Derived Vegetable Glycerin - Food Grade

    "Made with the Highest Quality Organic Ingredients!"

    Organic Ethanol from Organic Sugar Cane
    is the cleanest and most effective way to safely sanitize on the go. Conventional hand sanitizers use alcohol or ethanol from GMO Corn, vigorously sprayed with toxic chemicals.  Food Grade Organic Coconut Oil derived Vegetable Glycerin is added to protect and nourish the skin. Other hand sanitizers use non organic vegetable glycerin from GMO soy sprayed with herbacides, or aloe vera that requires toxic chemical preservatives. Finally, we add Organic French Lavendar Oil from plants organically grown in the famous French Lavendar Fields of Provence, France, 3rd party tested to be of "Excellent" Quality. Other products on the market use inferior quality oils, or non organic essential oils that are often found to contain formaldehyde.  We know of a better way!

    "The Cleanest & Most Effective Hand Sanitizer on the
    Market! We Guarantee it!"

    2 oz (60 ml) Spray Bottle with Lid
    Multi-bottle discounts available

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