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  1. Marine Phytoplankton (25 g)

    Raw Marine Phytoplankton
    Freeze-Dried Immediately Upon Cultivation
    Grown in Optimal Beyond Organic Conditions
    Photobioreactor Cultivated in The Netherlands
    Never Heated or Irradiated
    Free of Chemicals, Carriers or Preservatives

    This product is something our family could never go without. This incredibly special and nutrient dense supergreen called Marine Phytoplankton is thoughtfully cultivated in a protected Photobioreactor in Holland, fed with water from their pristine Dutch Dunes. This ensures there is no possibility of contamination.

    One of the most nutrient dense plants in the world with high levels of Chlorophyll (type A), Antioxidants, Beta Carotene and Zeaxanthin. A complete source of Vegan Protein. Best source of vegan, plant based Omega 3 fatty Acid EPA in the World. Omega 3 EPA improves brain chemistry and cognitive abilities, including memory. Makes you feel energized and alive immediately upon taking it.

    Add 1/2 tsp (1 gram) to 4oz of water or juice.
    25 servings per bag.

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