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  1. Noni Powder (1/2 LB)

    Raw Organic Samoan Noni Fruit Powder
    100% Pure, Raw, Enzyme Rich and Bioactive
    No Additives, Chemicals, Carriers or Preservatives

    One of the Most Powerful and Nutrient Dense Superfoods on the Planet!

    Optimally Organic's dehydrated Raw Organic Samoan Noni Powder is made from whole, ripe, unfermented noni fruit, including the skin and pulp, but never the seeds. No fallen fruit, seeds, bark, or leaves are ever used in our product. Our proprietary drying process retains the potency of all vital nutrients. Raw noni powder is derived from the nutrient-saturated and lava-rich soil that it grows in. The fresh, unfermented fruit in our raw organic Samoan Noni Powder has a sweet, deep, intoxicating taste and is finely ground to stir right into water, juice, tea or a smoothie.

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