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Vitamin C

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  1. Acai Berry Powder (1/2 lb)

    Raw, Organic, Freeze Dried, Whole Fruit Açaí Berry Powder
    Organically Grown in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest
    Sustainably Harvested in an Eco-Friendly Manner
    No Carriers, Chemicals or Preservatives

    The Anti-Aging Beauty Berry!

    Our Açaí Berry is one of the best natural sources of vegan protein (more than an egg), fat burning Omega Fatty Acids, Resveratrol, Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals, and 10 times the Antioxidants of Blueberries! Ten pounds of Fresh Acai Berries go into every pound of our freeze dried powder, and we never include the seeds. Small batch freeze dried within 24 hours of harvest.

    Unlike the competition, our Açaí Berry Powder is alive, with no chemicals, carriers or preservatives of any kind. It is also Freeze Dried and Never Spray Dried like our Competitors' Açaí Berry! Spray Drying requires the fruit to be saturated in chemical solvents and then it is boiled, literally to its nutrient death. We know of a better way!

    We guarentee this is the BEST tasting Açaí Berry Powder you will ever encounter!

    1/2 pound (227 grams)

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  2. Acerola Cherry Powder (1/2 lb)

    Raw Organic Freeze Dried Whole Fruit Acerola Cherry
    Sustainably Grown and Harvested in an Eco-friendly Manner
    Small Batch Produced, Never Heated or Irradiated

    Loved by Natural  Practitioners for its high levels of Bio-Available and Complete Vitamin C Complex found only in raw foods, unlike traditional Vitamin C supplements which are merely the "shell" called Ascorbic acid or Ascorbate - a small piece of the Complete Vitamin C complex which is required for optimal health. Our Raw Freeze Dried Acerola Cherry also contains high levels of bioavailable Rutin, Living Enzymes including Tyrosinase, Potassium, dietary Fiber, Riboflavin, Folate, and Magnesium. It even contains Calcium your body can actually absorb because it's raw food based. Approx. 25,000 mgs of Vitaminc C Complex in every bag.

    Not all Acerola Cherry Powders are Created Equal. Our Acerola Cherries are grown in pristine conditions within the Chilean Amazon and our pure, freeze dried powder is small batch produced within 24 hours of harvest. Unlike the competition, our Acerola Cherry Powder is alive, with no chemicals, carriers, anti-caking agents, or preservatives of any kind. It is also Freeze Dried and Never Spray Dried like our Competitors' Acerola! Spray Drying requires the fruit to be saturated in chemical solvents and then it is boiled, literally to its nutrient death. We know of a better way!

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  3. Barley Grass Juice Powder (1/2 lb)

    Our Raw Organic Freeze Dried Barley Grass Juice Powder is highly concentrated, nutrient dense and prized for its anti-aging and energizing elements. Our Freeze Dried Juice is packed with Chlorophyll, Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants our bodies can easily assimilate. Never heated and free of chemicals and preservatives, we guarantee the highest quality Barley Grass Powder on the world market! Organically grown in the USA and of the highest botanical quality. Powdered and easy to use.

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  4. Camu Camu (1/2 lb)

    Raw Organic & Wild Grown, Freeze Dried Camu Camu Powder
    Sustainably Grown and Harvested in an Eco Friendly Manner
    No Additives, Carriers, or Preservatives

    Our Organic Certified and Wild Grown Chilean Camu Camu is the Immunity Boost Winner,  with almost 50,000 mgs of Vitamin C Complex in every 1/2 lb bag. Whole Food based Vitamin C Complex has more health benefits than merely the "ascorbic acid shell" sold in conventional supplements. Would you buy a pistachio and eat only the shell? Of course not, that is not where the nutrients reside! Its also packed with an abundance of bioavailable Calcium, Protein, Beta-Carotene, Iron, Riboflavin, Niacin, Thiamin, Phosphorus, Valine, Leucine and Serine.

    Freeze-Dried and Never Spray-Dried like the others! Spray Drying requires the fruit to be saturated in chemical solvents including ethynol, then it is boiled, literally to its nutrient death. We know of a better way!

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  5. Cupuacu Powder (1/4 lb)

    Out of stock

    Our Raw, Wild-Crafted, Whole Fruit, Freeze Dried Cupuacu Powder is so nutrient dense its known around the world as "The Pharmacy in a Fruit"! Our Cupuacu is packed with living enzymes, bioavailable Antioxidants, Vitamin C Complex, Vitamin A Complex, Balanced B Complex, Potassium, Fiber and Essential Fatty Acids! Cupuacu is highly sought after for its super antioxidants called Theograndins I and II found no where else on Planet Earth! The exotic taste, a mix of chocolate, bananas and passion fruit, makes it a favorite among the finest pastry chefs, and added to water makes an incredible, Electrolyte rich drink! Wild grown in the canopy of the Brazilian Rainforest, small batch produced and sustainably harvested. Powdered and easy to use.

    To know more about Cupuacu powder consult our article Cupuacu Fruit: Tap Into the Energy of the Amazon with Powder!

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  6. Organic Freeze dried Edlerberry powder

    Raw Organic Black Elderberry Powder (Sambucus nigra) - 1/2 lb
    Freeze-Dried Ripe Whole Berries Only (without the seeds!)
    No Additives, Chemicals or Preservatoves of any Kind
    Sustainably Harvested in an Eco-Friendly Manner
    Never Heated or Irradiated

    "A Delicious and Antioxidant Rich Superfood!"

    Packed with Antioxidant rich Flavonoids including Anthocyanins and Anthocyanidins, Quercetin, Rutin and Vitamin C, our Organic Freeze-Dried Black Elderberry Powder works at the cellular level to support  immune health, a healthy inflammatory response, healthy upper respiratory and healthy mucos membranes.

    Organic Black Elderberries are one of the most widely used Superfoods for Immune Health, especially during the Winter. Early American settlers used these nutrient dense berries in pies, because they are also Delicious!

    Our Organic Black Elderberries are Freeze-Dried (and never sprayed dried!) to ensure the vital nutrients are still alive when you receive them. No heat, chemicals or additives of any kind are used in the processing of our superfood powders, leaving them raw and bio-active.

    "Delicious and easy to use by adding to water, juice,
    yogurt or smoothies."

    1/2 pound (227 grams)

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  7. Full Spectrum Daily (1/2 lb)

    Our Raw, Organic, Whole Food, Freeze Dried, Full Spectrum Daily Superfood Powder is a very special blend of the finest quality Acai Berry, Acerola Cherry, Noni, Camu Camu, Maqui Berry and Shelled Hemp Seeds. The ultimate Raw Vegan Multi-Vitamin & Protein Powder that tastes of grapes! Abundant in vegan protein, antioxidants, vitamins including energizing B vitamins and the full vitamin C complex, 140 nutraceuticals, Potassium, Omega Fatty Acids 3, 6 & 9, Calcium, Beta-Carotene, Iron, Riboflavin, Niacin, Thiamin, Phosphorus, Valine, Leucine, Serine, and many other vitamins and minerals in their optimal raw whole food form for ultimate absoprtion and results. Powdered and easy to use. Available in 1/2 pound bags. Multi-bag discounts available.

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  8. Marine Phytoplankton (25 g)

    Raw Marine Phytoplankton
    Freeze-Dried Immediately Upon Cultivation
    Grown in Optimal Beyond Organic Conditions
    Photobioreactor Cultivated in The Netherlands
    Never Heated or Irradiated
    Free of Chemicals, Carriers or Preservatives

    This product is something our family could never go without. This incredibly special and nutrient dense supergreen called Marine Phytoplankton is thoughtfully cultivated in a protected Photobioreactor in Holland, fed with water from their pristine Dutch Dunes. This ensures there is no possibility of contamination.

    One of the most nutrient dense plants in the world with high levels of Chlorophyll (type A), Antioxidants, Beta Carotene and Zeaxanthin. A complete source of Vegan Protein. Best source of vegan, plant based Omega 3 fatty Acid EPA in the World. Omega 3 EPA improves brain chemistry and cognitive abilities, including memory. Makes you feel energized and alive immediately upon taking it.

    Add 1/2 tsp (1 gram) to 4oz of water or juice.
    25 servings per bag.

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  9. SuperGreens Powder (1/2 lb)

    Raw Organic SuperGreens Blend
    Wheatgrass Juice Powder
    Cracked Cell Chlorella Powder
    Barley Grass Juice Powder
    Alfalfa Grass Juice Powder

    The Ultimate Organic SuperGreens Blend!

    Every delicious scoop contains equal amounts of your favorite SuperGreens working synergistically to give your body exceptional nutrition, energy, blood oxygen levels, digestive health, mental clarity, healthy cell development, fat burning, and detox ability. No additives, preservatives or chemicals. Packed with whole food based Chlorophyll, Phytonutrients, Vitamins, Micro and Macro Minerals, Protein, Enzymes, and Essential Amino Acids. Never heated or irradiated.

    A Powerhouse of Nutrition!

    Powdered and easy to use.
    1/2 tsp to 1 tsp per serving. 32 to 64 servings per bag.
    1/2 Pound (227 grams)

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  10. Wheatgrass Juice Powder (1/2 LB)

    Raw Organic Freeze-Dried Wheatgrass Juice Powder is organically grown in the USA.

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