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Noni Powder (1/2 LB)

Product Review (submitted on December 8, 2019):
I've been using Noni from India (which has poor soils) for over a decade because of its purported benefits. This Noni from Samoa is in an entirely different class. The volcanic soils on the Pacific islands (I used to live in Hawaii) are four to five times richer than those in India or the mainland U.S., and I can tell you from experience that the foods from those islands are correspondingly more nutritious.

I've been using this Noni from Samoa for a year now, I take a rounded teaspoon with water three times a day on an empty stomach (absolutely necessary for best effect) and I can definitely feel it working. Whether you feel anything or not depends on your current state of health, your diet (how toxic it is, I'm raw, vegan, organic, and I ferment all my foods), and what kind of shape you're in (not to mention genetic factors).

I have a performance standard (I lift weights and do lumberjack work with non-powered hand tools, ax, saw, shovel, rake and hand-pulled cart) which also helps me judge whether something is helping me or not according to how my workouts go. Now that I've started using Samoan Noni I'll never stop.

Extra Tip: Warm your raw foods and/or powders in a frying pan, stirring it with your fingers (if it's too hot for your fingers, it's too hot) until they reach 110 degrees (to get rid of the absorption inhibitors that are in all raw foods), that would be right in between warm and hot. Don't let it actually get hot or you'll wind up destroying valuable enzymes and other nutrients. You'll get twice the nutrient value that way.