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Water-Extracted Fulvic Acid® X350

Product Review (submitted on October 24, 2019):
I've been taking this product for maybe 3 weeks - and WOW! I've had pre-diabetic symptoms for about 1.5 years. At the time I discovered this product, I was experiencing MAJOR PAIN in my lower right side & in my gut. I was intrigued by the fact that this product contains 78 (?) trace minerals that you really don't get in your diet, so I was hoping it would help me.

When I received this product, I started mixing it with a collagen peptide powder (just discovered the benefits of collagen, too). I drink this twice a day, sometimes adding 1 or 2 raw eggs, ACV & cinnamon (adding Stevia bc of the harsh taste of ACV).

Bottom line- The extreme pain in my lower-right side (liver?) & my gut is already 90% better! Between (1) Fulvic Ionic Minerals and (2) Collagen, I honestly feel like I have made a discovery that quite literally may have saved my life (100% serious).