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Water-Extracted Fulvic Acid® X350

Product Review (submitted on October 24, 2019):
I have been a user of Optimally Organic's brand of Humic/Fulmic Ionic Minerals for over four years now, and have found it very useful not only on a daily basis, but as a means to replenish vital minerals lost during physical activity, especially outdoors.

For example, when I mow my 1-acre lawn, with an electric push-mower (for the exercise, since I do have a rider mower), I first fill an empty gallon jug with filtered water (no chlorine or fluorine) and add about 20 drops into it, which I sip during my mowing, especially when it is hot. I also do the same if only distilled water is available, since distilled water is totally depleted of minerals, due to the very nature of how it is produced. This keeps me from losing all of my minerals and electrolytes, and I can really tell the difference, especially in the heat and humidity of the South!

One of the reasons that I know that Optimally Organic is "the real thing" is that its Humic/Fulmic acid is actually ACIDIC, which, even when diluted, causes my mouth to pucker more than if I had sucked on a lemon. That means it is truly acidic. After all, the component parts are composed of Humic ACID and Fulvic ACID (which contain numerous minerals, as well.)

There were many so-called "humic/fulvic acid" concoctions that I had tried in the past that never passed this "acid test". Humic/Fulvic is an acid, so it better cause an acidic reaction, such as "puckering", or its either not what it claims to be, or is over-diluted and useless! Most of the other products caused no acidic reaction, and tasted like water.

As stated, I have tried at least 3 or 4 other brands of alleged humic/fulvic products, yet not have performed quite like Optimally Organics's brand, which is supposedly retrieved from a much purer source in the Deep South Swamps than that found in the arid, and polluted or contaminated, Mid-West and West.

Mixed with good water, and lots of Stevia extract, this sure beats Gatoraid and other such pseudo "electrolytic drinks", at a fraction of the cost, since one is not paying for expensive marginally-enhanced "Water".

I find the same proportions of Humic/Fulvic to "good water" tp work very well for sipping while taking a rest in my Infrared Sauna,