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Water-Extracted Fulvic Acid® X350

Product Review (submitted on October 24, 2019):
To make a potentially very long story short....TWICE my completely lame postal service here in my ex-pat home of Santiago, Chile received shipments of six bottles of wonderful X-350, and TWICE I never even was notified that they intended to deliver the parcels or that any Customs tariffs were due. INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTING (lasting from last November until only two weeks ago), I was not able to be on this great formulation....because the packages for some reason were returned to this company. DO YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT A PRESIDENT, Christopher, WHO UNDERSTANDS WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ?? He is a Christian, as am I, and he very kindly offered to ship a THIRD time and toss in my six bottles that I never received....twice...if I simply purchased four bottles. So FINALLY....(and this time I used a more expensive shipper)....I received a whopping TEN bottles thanks to Christopher's generosity and simpatico....and within one week I was able to do a true "before-and-after" comparison in terms of my energy level and gym workouts and hikes of our 6000-meter (18,000 feet !! ) surrounding Andes mountains. WOW !! I had the most energetic gym workout since....what a "coincidence....NOT !"....my having been on the X-350 way back in November of 2018. Most soil has been worked to death....depleted....so even if we eat intelligently....kale, spinach, broccoli, etcetera....we in reality don't receive the micro-nutrients we would have 50 years ago. I LOVE THIS FORMULA....AND I APPRECIATE GOOD, OLD-FASHIONED CUSTOMER TLC !!