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Fulvic X350
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Awesome, thanks
Great for mixing in water. Full of minerals
Review by Elena / (Posted on 11/4/2018)
Energy, detoxification, improved sleep and much more...
Okay so I started with 7 drops upon rising and 7 drops before bed. I have noticed acids gently leaving my body, day three to day five slight head ache and detox reaction. Day seven I passed a very large parasite.... This stuff is amazing in my opinion, I have noticed more energy, skin becoming more elastic, nails growing like crazy, appetite has increased a little and deeper sleep. Also recovery after working out is like it was ten years ago, so I'm guessing based on how I feel that it has normalized my testosterone at age 47 . If you don't believe me then try it for yourself, as I have tried a lot of supplements and this is the real deal... Apparently we need these living minerals to alkalize and raise our cellular energy to even renew cells.
Review by Jeff4fun / (Posted on 10/24/2018)
Miraculous Product; I will be a customer for life!
I've been taking this product for maybe 3 weeks - and WOW! I've had pre-diabetic symptoms for about 1.5 years. At the time I discovered this product, I was experiencing MAJOR PAIN in my lower right side & in my gut. I was intrigued by the fact that this product contains 78 (?) trace minerals that you really don't get in your diet, so I was hoping it would help me.

When I received this product, I started mixing it with a collagen peptide powder (just discovered the benefits of collagen, too). I drink this twice a day, sometimes adding 1 or 2 raw eggs, ACV & cinnamon (adding Stevia bc of the harsh taste of ACV).

Bottom line- The extreme pain in my lower-right side (liver?) & my gut is already 90% better! Between (1) Fulvic Ionic Minerals and (2) Collagen, I honestly feel like I have made a discovery that quite literally may have saved my life (100% serious).
Review by Ronnie M. / (Posted on 10/24/2018)
Don't become dependent on pharmaceuticals
At this writing, I'm 57 years old. I hadn't been feeling well (tired, listless, lethargic, with no energy & ambition) for several months. Then I experienced an acute episode of dizziness and I fell in the bathroom. Immediately afterward, I had severe nausea and vomiting. My horrified wife called 911. I went to the hospital by ambulance. On the way to the hospital, the Paramedic drew blood and informed me my blood glucose was 255. WHAT???

I was tested for a stroke/tumor. I had a CAT scan and an MRI. All was normal. However, my A1C was 8.4. I was diagnosed with Diabetes. So the process began: Get a primary care physician. I was prescribed Meclizine and Metformin. I took Diabetes classes, got a blood glucose reader, was trained how to use it, scheduled for repeat follow-up checks with my doctor, and informed of the drugs I was prescribed and their side effects.

I was told Diabetes is a permanent condition and with proper diet, weight management, exercise, and prescription pharmaceuticals, I could manage the disease; but I could never be cured of Diabetes. This is the official medical paradigm I was confronted with.

In my research, I listened to "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" and "Live Doctors Do Lie". Hmmm. Very interesting. More research & more digging. Then I found several reports on the benefits of Fulvic Acid. Then I found Optimally Organic.

I've been taking Fulvic X350 for nearly a month along with diet & exercise. I'm signing up for their auto ship program. I'm feeling much better. I have more energy, and a sense of well being. I'm not out of the woods, but I am confident I'll be off the prescription meds within 3 months. My blood pressure has improved, my blood glucose is steadily dropping, my skin is getting clearer, and I'm experiencing more energy.

Everything I have to say about this product is positive. I even use Fulvic X350 as a topical ant*biot*c. I firmly believe our bodies can heal themselves of most nutritionally deficient diseases if we give ourselves the proper resources we need without drugs & chemicals. Look: If you have Scurvy, a deficiency of vitamin C, how many bone marrow transplants, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and high tech medical blood tests will cure you?

This stuff is very powerful. A single bottle can last up to six months, but I'm taking 16 drops twice a day; after I have my A1C back in the normal range, I'll drop down to 4-6 drops twice a day for maintenance. Some say these products are expensive. Have you priced cancer & diabetes lately? It's a fact that since 1936, our soil has been steadily depleted of essential nutrients and minerals. Subsequently, WE are deficient in essential nutrients and minerals to maintain our health.

Nobody, not even your doctor, cares more about your health than you do. If you have a checkbook and you get 3 dollars a day but you're paying out 88 dollars a day, what's eventually going to happen to your bank balance? BOING-BOING, right? Our health is BOING-BOINGING to the tune of billions of dollars a year to the medical/pharmaceutical complex.

I took the leap. I'm glad I did.
Review by Jeffrey / (Posted on 9/6/2018)
They are known for this product, you notice lasting benefits from the first use!
This product is like this company’s flagship product. I was looking to not feel so drained and to kinda clean my system out naturally. The reviews on amazon were all for it so I just got the x350, I take up to 15 drops a day. You notice an improvement within a couple minutes, from there on in there’s no reason not to take it every day! Then I went to the optimally organic website and now I’m such a fan. Just talked to their customer service today, check out their total wellness protocol if ur like me and just realized everything in the world is dirty and u just want to clean ur body out. Alright done rambling, great stuff!
Review by Michael / (Posted on 6/23/2018)
The Queen of Fulvic Acid
This is by far the best supplement I decided to add to my health regimen - I have been taking this product since Jan 2017. One glass of water with 7 drops a day, every day. I am a 59 year old woman, the benefits are in the hormonal balancing of my body as well as NO MORE food sensitivities, sinus problems (allergies), more stamina, and even think better! Just to name a few. I especially luv the fact that my body is now Ph balanced. This is a hi-quality supplement and the only one I've taken. I recommend this to everyone who will listen!! Thank you and God Bless to All for supplying this!
Review by Wandy / (Posted on 4/30/2018)
Fulvic Acid 350 is a blessing!
I have an overactive immune disorder, which I was diagnosed with eight years ago. I started out for the first few days on seven drops. Now, I have increased to seven drops twice to three times per day. Fulvic Acid is an answer to my prayers.
Review by ZionsChild / (Posted on 3/18/2018)
83 year old Mother is doing much better with the minerals!
My mother was talking angrily all the time to say the least, but giving her the minerals she's talking more with good sense!
Review by Mo / (Posted on 9/6/2017)
Best mineral product on the market!
This is the finest source of minerals I have come across. I tell anyone who might be interested to look into this, to try it. I usually carry a (glass) bottle of water to drink throughout the day and put a double dose of minerals in.
I also noticed it was said to be helpful for relief from insect bites. I tried this and it is true.
Review by Franny / (Posted on 8/15/2017)
Truly excellent, highly nourishing supplement
This is better than any other fulvic acid or shilajit supplement I have ever tried. I tangibly feel better after drinking it. Also I'm a very slim person and I have noticed that when I'm regularly taking the fulvic I don't get shaky as I usually do when I haven't had the time to eat. Nor do I feel as nervous.
Review by Alexandra / (Posted on 7/4/2017)

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