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Essiac Tea (Tea Bag Cut, 1/2 lb)

Product Review (submitted on May 25, 2020):
Essaic tea is a real blessing for me. I ran across the information on Optimally Organic, liked what I read and been using regularly since then( maybe almost 10 years). I call these herbs 'a cure for what ills you' or better yet somewhat of a buffer to keep you well. I like to do at least three or more cycles of 'the remedy' each year. Sometimes I brew up a batch when I start dragging and it gets me up and going. Once you get a hang of how to fix it- it's a breeze. Anything worth using is worth getting the instructions correct. I use the recommended types of utensils and pots for brewing,etc. If you're dragging and just not feeling like you ought too, give this a try. - like most things in life 'we get out of it what we put in it'. It helps me and I believe it'll do the same for you too.
Oh, I add fulvic minerals drops to my tea each morning. That's a way to slip in a lil' more nutrition (my thinking). P.s. Don't forget I do the tea in cycles. Maybe a cycle every month or every other month. I mix as I feel the need. I read that some just do it like regular tea. Also, follow instructions regarding how to make it and how to take it as you get started with it. Instructions are plain and you can do it.
Love Optimally Organic for keeping this stuff in stock