Cupuacu Fruit: Tap Into the Energy of the Amazon with Powder!

  • Authors: Christopher and Dana VanDeCar (Owners and Founders of Optimally Organic)
  • Editor: Gabriel Ricard
  • Webmaster: Xavier Clapin-Pépin



Have you heard about Cupuacu?

Throughout the rainforests of Brazil, you will find tall trees, known as Cupuacu trees. These trees can grow anywhere between 16 to 50 feet in height.  Their fruits ripen in the rainy season, revealing a brownish color. They become almond-shaped, and they are about the same size as a melon. The trees will bear fruit for about 5-6 years. Many of the animals of the rainforest depend on this fruit for energy and vitality.  The Cupuacu fruit, pronounced ‘Coo-poo-ah-sue’, offers a wonderful rich and exotic flavor, tasting of a mix of chocolate, passion fruit and melon.  In 2003 the energizing properties of cupuacu, were scientifically documented in the Journal of Natural Products. 

Though freshly picked fruit is generally favored, cupuacu in its powder form makes it much more attainable for the rest of the world.



What Is Cupuacu?

The Cupuacu fruit comes from the Cacao tree. Think chocolate, but with a lot less caffeine.  You can use a small amount to make a drink that could be compared to hot chocolate or coffee.  This drink can boost alertness without the overstimulating side effects. 

The Cupuacu fruit has been gaining popularity in recent years outside of the Amazon. Especially since it offers a high level of beneficial ingredients such as calcium, selenium, vitamins A, B, C, high flavonoids, high antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Those indigenous to the Amazon have been enjoying the benefits of Cupuacu fruit in a myriad of pharmacological and dining uses for thousands of years.  The pulp of the Cupuacu fruit has high antioxidant power. For generations, people have used the Cupuacu fruit in many daily recipes, favoring the rich and creamy taste.  The whitish pulp can make all kinds of sweet treats such as jams, candies, sweet deserts, ice-creams, liquors etc.

There are about 20-30 grape-sized seeds inside the pulp. These can be pressed to make Cupuacu butter, which is rich in Phyto sterols and fatty acids.  Cupuacu butter is believed to contain high antioxidant content, as well as excellent moisturizing properties.


Cupuacu Health Benefits

There are numerous health benefits to the things that can be found in the cupuacu fruit:

  • Promotes healthy blood pressure levels.
  • A natural source of energy.
  • Help with damaged hair, as well as dry, cracked skin.


The Truth About Cupuacu Powder


Both the pulp and the seeds of the Cupuacu fruit are rich in unsaturated fatty acids (the healthy ones) and saturated fatty acids (the not-so-healthy ones).  What you need to do is to make sure that you only consume small amounts of Cupuacu to avoid taking-in high amounts of unhealthy fatty acids. Doing so can increase your bad cholesterol levels.

Cupuacu is safe for most adults when consumed in moderation.  While the theacrine content found in a single serving of Cupuacu may not provide the same stimulating properties as a cup of coffee, those that are sensitive to stimulants, or who are taking stimulating medications (such as anti-depressants), should consume Cupuacu in small amounts at first to see how they respond to it.


Optimally Organic Cupuacu Powder

Optimally Organic offers a wonderful, raw, wild-crafted, whole-fruit, freeze dried Cupuacu Powder that offers profound nutrient density. This product is packed with living enzymes, bioavailable antioxidants, Vitamin C complex, Vitamin A complex, balanced B complex, potassium, fiber and essential fatty acids.

Many seek Cupuacu for its super antioxidants called Theograndins I and II. These cannot be found anywhere else on the planet earth.  The yummy, exotic taste will seemingly blend chocolate, passion fruit and bananas. This has made the fruit a big favorite amongst the finest pastry chefs. When added to water, it makes a fantastic electrolyte-rich drink! This amazing super fruit grows wild in the canopy of the Brazilian rainforest. It is produced in small batches and sustainably harvested, before being made into a powder form that is easy to use.

Optimally Organic offers the highest quality and most bioactive pure, Raw Freeze-dried Whole-fruit Cupuacu Powder in the world. The fruit is picked and processed within 24 hours to help ensure ideal health impact. This product is never heated or exposed to chemicals of any kind.  Once the fruit has been picked the pulp is immediately freeze-dried to preserve its superior antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals and other nutrients. The cupuacu is grown in pristine conditions of fertile, well-drained soil within the canopy of the Brazilian rainforest. 

The two NEW sulfated flavonoid glycosides (antioxidant phytonutrients) called Theograndins I and II, are the subject of a vast amount of scientific research by various organizations including:  The Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, The Department of Biological Sciences, The City University of New York, and The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University.

Cupuacu is also packed full of 9 other antioxidants, as well as vitamins A and C, making it a full spectrum antioxidant.  This amazing raw, wholefood supplement is also packed with amino acids, essential fatty acids, fiber, phosphorous, vitamin A complex and balanced B complex.  When you put this incredibly rich profile alongside its wonderfully exotic taste, you can certainly understand why this product is considered a delicacy around the world!

Optimally Organic’s Cupuacu Powder offers you a complete source of vitamin C complex—found only in raw wholefood supplements. Vitamin C complex cannot be removed or isolated from its food source.  Traditional vitamin C supplements are merely ascorbic acid or ascorbate. 

There are additional Pieces to the Vitamin C complex that are well worth keeping in mind:

  • Tyrosinase is an organic copper enzyme at the heart of the vitamin C complex, the catalyst to produce melanin and helps the body to utilize vitamin C.
  • J factors increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood while also helps the body to utilize vitamin C.
  • P factors enhance capillary and vessel wall strength while also helping body to utilize vitamin C.
  • Rutlin (quercetin-3-O-rutinoside) produces Collagen while also helps body to utilize vitamin C. 


Buy Cupuacu Powder

Optimally Organic Cupuacu Powder

$39.95 for 1/4 lb


Ingredients: Raw Wild Crafted Freeze-Dried Cupuacu Powder

Adult Recommendations: Powdered and easy to use.  ½ teaspoon (2 grams) to 1 tsp (4 grams), 1-3 times daily.  Easy product to use just add to water, milk, juice, cereal, yogurt, or a smoothie with a spoon or a blender.  Excellent to use for experimenting in baking—let your baking creative side come out!


Cupuacu Facts

To summarize, here are the essential facts about cupuacu:

  • Cupuacu is a small to medium sized tree, it belongs to the chocolate family, it can reach heights up to 20 meters.
  • Like chocolate this fruit has a large seed pod that is filled with beans.
  • It has an effect like caffeine, but it does not contain caffeine.
  • Cupuacu is also available in the forms of shampoo, lotion, and butter.


Health Benefits of Cupuacu

The fruit stimulates the immune system, increasing stamina and energy much in the same way as an artificial caffeine source. The fatty acids present in the fruit reduce the bad cholesterol and keeps the good cholesterol that helps to maintain a healthy heart. It also helps with skin rejuvenation, weight-loss, healthy hair, protecting artery partitions, boosting the immune system, strengthening cardio vascular system, and much more.


Cupuacu Recipes to Try


Smoothie Bowl with Cupuacu


  • 2 tablespoons raw coconut flour (will thicken and add fiber and flavor without carbs).
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 4-5 ice cubes
  • 1 scoop Vega One French Vanilla
  • ½ cup cranberries, frozen (or frozen raspberries or strawberries).
  • 1 tablespoon Cupuacu powder


  • Add all the ingredients to your blender and blend. 
  • Add mix to a bowl. 
  • Top with shredded coconut, cashews, raw almonds or whatever you like! 
  • Enjoy this sweet no sugar treat that will have you feeling energized and will help your skin stay healthy!