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Concentrated Hemp Oil: Benefits And Uses (Infographic)

  • Authors: Christopher and Dana VanDeCar (Owners and Founders of Optimally Organic)
  • Editor: Gabriel Ricard
  • Webmaster: Xavier Clapin-Pépin



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Concentrated Hemp Oil: Benefits And Uses (Text Version) 


What is hemp oil? This should be a simple question. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings, when it comes to CBD and cannabinoids.

In the first place, understand that when we talk about something like CBD hemp oil, we are talking about cannabidiol, which is one notable example of cannabinoids.

Concentrated Hemp Oil is another example of how Optimally Organic strives to do things a little differently, and a little more efficiently, than the other examples that are currently on the market. Hemp oil has become a hot topic in recent years. It can be difficult to fully comprehend the full benefits of this oil. There are also certain misconceptions about CO2 extracted hemp oil, in terms of what it does and doesn’t do for people from all walks of life. CBD hemp oil benefits are well worth discussing, but there is much more to this subject that needs to be demystified and fully understood.


What Is Hemp Oil?

Taken from the stalks and seeds of hemp plants, hemp oil consists of a natural, organic concentrate. The process by which this oil is extracted is highly specialized. It can include beneficial elements like omega-3 fatty acid, terpenes, vitamins (namely B1, B2, D and E), amino acids, and much more. The actual hemp oil is created through the process of CO2 extraction, which we will discuss a little later on. This cold-pressed, unrefined hemp oil can be dark green to a clear/light-green, in terms of color. The grassiness of the flavor depends on the darkness (or lack thereof) of that color.

CO2 extracted hemp oil, when it comes from the right sources, and is extracted from the plant correctly, has been linked to a variety of potential benefits. While you should note that the studies on this type of extracted oil are ongoing studies, the results so far have been extremely impressive on a number of different fronts. In some cases, the results have been staggering, in terms of the various potential benefits of cannabinoids like cannabidiol.


Is CBD Oil Right For Me?

When it comes to concentrated hemp oils, you are talking about something that is completely okay to use on every imaginable level. Understanding something like hemp oil uses can go a long way towards helping you to better understand hemp oil benefits. 

When you try Concentrated Hemp Oil from Optimally Organic, there is nothing that you will need to worry about. This product comes from industrial hemp plants that are grown and sourced from organic farms in Eastern Europe. Because of this fact, this product is 100% legal to use in all fifty of the United States. It is also 100% safe to use. All you really need to do is learn more about the potential of CBD oil. CBD hemp oil benefits are quite a hot topic these days, as well.

At the same time, all of these products aren’t exactly the same. There are different levels and types of cannabinoids, filtration, and purity. These subjects will take us into things like the benefits of CO2 extraction. Finally, you will also want to find out whether or not your purchase has been extracted with, or perhaps cut with, chemicals. The difference is crucial.


CBD Hemp Oil Benefits/Hemp Oil Benefits

Hemp oil benefits include natural pain relief and appetite stimulation. Another example of CBD hemp oil benefits includes antioxidant benefits. The list of benefits of concentrated hemp oil is a long one indeed.

CDB hemp oil benefits begin with something in our bodies, known as cannabinoid receptors. Our bodies were wonderfully designed with receptors to receive and distribute cannabinoids. If you want an answer to something like “What is hemp oil”, this is where you want to start.

Concentrated hemp oil interacts with the body through a system that most people have never heard of – and don’t know how to pronounce: the endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS) or endocannabinoid system. It receives the gold medal for being our most important regulatory system, and it wasn’t even discovered until late in the 1980s. This system acts as a regulator of our homeostasis – our internal stability or general state of balance. This is how our body maintains its equilibrium in functioning properly including:

  • Moods
  • Our sleep patterns
  • Regulating hormones
  • Pain and immune responses

As we move throughout our world, we interact with our external environment, and this impacts our balance. Whenever we feel off balance, this hard-to-pronounce endocannabinoid system performs an “autocorrect.” This is nature’s way of making sure our body will respond effectively to keep us level.

This valuable, incredible ECS system is a virtual storehouse of millions and millions of cannabinoid receptor sites embedded in cell membranes. They are so plentiful they are almost like clusters that are found primarily in the brain and central nervous system. It also has the ability to prevent DNA from devolving and unwinding. 

Now, we can get a little deeper into the subject of hemp oil, and the potential benefits of a product that contains the best approach to extracting this oil. All of this will eventually bring us to the fascinating subject of hemp oil uses.


Benefits Of Hemp Oil: Digging Deeper

With hemp, you are talking about something that is rapidly gaining acceptance as one of the most impressive superfoods available. The combination of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids give this product the ability to improve the quality of your skin. CO2 extracted hemp oil can also give you what are known as ceramides. These lipids/fats support cellular membranes, which can improve the moisture quality of your hair in the best way possible.

Those are only two benefits that are being tied to concentrated hemp with increasing authority, but there are many, many more: 

  • Cannabidiol is an optimal source of gamma-linolic acid, also known as GLA. This omega-6 fatty acid is linked to studies showing that it can be profoundly useful in helping the body to achieve a hormonal balance. This can prove to be particularly useful for women who are trying to ease the symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome.
  • In Canada, CBD hemp oil has been approved for use by Health Canada in helping people to deal with the pain associated with multiple sclerosis, in addition to the pain associated with cancer. It can also be used in the prevention of nervous system degradation.


Hemp Oil Uses

Currently, CBD hemp oil uses are yielding a number of compelling studies. Different studies are currently being conducted to find just how CBD can be used to treat a range of conditions. These studies are well worth keeping an eye on.

There are even more possible benefits to Optimally Organic’s Concentrated Hemp Oil. While the elements of hemp oil mentioned above are all important for crucial functions that occur within our bodies, the value of actual products containing hemp oils is something that is still being researched, debated, and discussed. For now, let’s discuss the various considerations that should lead you to choosing the best CO2 extracted hemp oil available.


Choosing The Best Concentrated Hemp Oil

Concentrated  Hemp Oil from Optimally Organic comes from high quality, organic farms in Eastern Europe, which remains a popular source for those who are serious about getting the best oil possible.


CBD Hemp Oil Benefits Through CO2 Extraction

There are several benefits to CO2 extraction that makes it a preferred method for any company that is committed to selling the very best hemp oil possible. Obviously, the benefits of hemp oil that comes from CO2 extraction ultimately comes down to the broadest possible spectrum of potential hemp oil uses. The single-step extraction process can be used for highly-concentrated results, but CO2 extraction also utilizes a mild operational temperature that promises both stability and exceptional quality with those results. We are also talking about a solvent that is completely recyclable. This means that this extraction process is green-friendly in every possible way.

This is not the case with companies that utilize chemical extractions to create their products. There are a number of problems with this process. While chemical extractions are ultimately cheaper for the company, and while these savings can ultimately be passed on to the customer, the consequences are just too much to ignore. Dangerous toxic solvents such as propane, hexane, pentane, and butane are flammable, hydrocarbon gases that can be found in petroleum. Try to imagine using a concentrated hemp oil to assist with some aspect of your life, and then imagine that the oil was extracted using toxic solvents. Not surprisingly, these toxic solvents can leave unsafe residues behind in the extraction process. The consequences can include compromising your immune system, while also impeding the healing process to one degree or another. Inhaling butane residue can lead to cardiac and respiratory problems.

Worse yet, the companies that use chemical extractions aren’t going to tell you what they are doing. This is largely due to the reasons listed above. CO2 extraction is the very best way to maintain the beneficial elements (omega-3, omega-6, and the variety of vitamins we mentioned) that are associated with hemp oil.


What Is The Best Hemp Oil To Buy?

There are also different levels of quality to look out for. As you can find with a little research, most of the hemp oils that are currently for sale are broken down into three distinct levels of quality. You have Red Quality oil, Green Quality oil, and Gold Quality oil. If you want to go straight to the top, you will want to make sure you are purchasing Gold Quality CO2 extracted hemp oil. This is the highest quality oil you are going to find anywhere. Concentrated Hemp Oil from Optimally Organic features 24% CBD, which means the oil has been filtered and concentrated to the highest possible standards. Our product is perhaps the most potent currently for sale. This is due to the amount of oil in our product. Whereas most companies use around 250mg of oil in their releases, Optimally Organic prefers to go a different route. Each jar contains 1000mg of pure, CO2 extracted oil. If you have used hemp oils in the past, don’t lose sight of the fact that just 1cc of the product contains 36g.

One ounce of Raw Organic YS Honey is added for a pleasant taste. You can also enjoy the numerous benefits that are associated with raw organic honey. With raw organic honey, remember that you have something which contains both antibacterial and antifungal properties. Raw organic honey can also help with digestive issues.

As you can see, when someone asks “what is hemp oil”, there are different products and dosages that you will need to consider. CBD hemp oil benefits are very keenly tied into making certain that you are using the best possible product available.

Highest Quality and Most Bioactive Concentrated Hemp Oil in the World Market!

Buy Concentrated Hemp Oil


It is worth mentioning one more time that because this hemp oil comes from industrial hemp that is grown in Eastern Europe, it is 100% legal to use. This applies to all fifty states in the United States. It is also completely safe to use.

In the end, you are certainly going to want to do more research beyond what you will find here. You will also want to understand that the research into the benefits of hemp oil is something that is still ongoing. This is an overview of the most important considerations with the purchase of something like concentrated hemp oil. However, there are still a number of additional benefits and other considerations that you can study in greater detail.  As we mentioned earlier in this article, the research on the health benefits of hemp are ongoing. Yet at the same time, these studies are part of an ongoing idea that began several decades ago. It has only been in recent years that hemp oil benefits and hemp oil uses are receiving significant scientific attention.


Every jar contains 1 WHOLE GRAM (1,000 mg) of pure, CO2 extracted ""24% Gold Concentrated Hemp Oil"" mixed into an ounce of Raw Organic YS Honey.

Recommendations: Take 1 cc (1 scoop provided with your jar) daily with a meal. 1cc contains 36 mg of PURE 24% Concentrated Hemp Oil. For therapeutic use, we recommend 1cc taken 3 times daily with meals.

IMPORTANT: For those who have taken other brands of Concentrated Hemp Oil, it is VERY IMPORTANT to note that each of our recommended doses contain 20 TIMES the amount of Concentrated Hemp Oil than any other producer.



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