Are Diet And Exercise All You Really Need?

  • Authors: Christopher and Dana VanDeCar (Owners and Founders of Optimally Organic)
  • Editor: Gabriel Ricard
  • Webmaster: Xavier Clapin-Pépin

At this point, most of us agree that diet and exercise are pretty important for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, a lot of us can’t seem to agree on which one is the most important. We will discuss that in greater detail later on.

For now, let’s get to the point. Balance is important in all things, but that well-known statement/assumption is part of the reason why we aren’t getting the results we want in the first place. We need to understand that this so-called balance actually comes down to favoring diet and supplementation over anything else, and that includes exercise. 




We can delve deeper into subjects like balance later on, as well. What matters right now is whether or not you believe that diet and exercise are the end-all/be-all to health and wellbeing. At Optimally Organic, we think the assumption that diet and exercise are enough for perfect health is where a lot of people are having their problems.

Start with this fact: Balance might be key for diet and supplementation, but the truth of the matter is that while exercise has a place in your life, it is still something that should take a decided back seat to diet and supplementation. 


Are You Really Feeling At Your Best?


Diet and supplementation are always going to be more important than exercise. For example, let’s imagine a person who has cut out red meat and pork, while limiting their intake of such animal products as dairy, chicken, fish, and organic eggs. Let’s also say that this person has cut out flour and sugar, as well. Finally, let’s say that this individual never, ever exercises. They engage in nothing more than the amount of physical activity their day normally requires.

Will that person be as healthy as someone who exercises constantly, but who also ingests processed food, red meat, flour, pork?

No, they won’t. Diet and supplementation account for a much, much larger degree of our mental and physical health than most of us realize. Regardless of your health goals, you are just going to reach them that much more quickly by focusing intensely on diet and supplementation. A small amount of exercise, which includes proper stretching, is absolutely fine. It can be a gratifying way to put to work the body you’re building. You should most certainly use the energy you get through diet and supplementation to engage in physical activities that you’ll enjoy. Since exercise is considerably less important than diet and supplementation, it just makes sense to want to do something that fits your tastes and interests. You don’t need to look for an intensive exercise program that promises the best physical results.



Understanding The Imbalance Between Diet And Exercise


Science makes it pretty clear: Exercise is not enough (1). In the first place, our bodies adjust to the amount of exercise we do. While you may see some results in the beginning, you will eventually see those results come to a screeching halt. Exercise is tricky in this regard. It gives us a sense of effort, which fuels our sense of accomplishment. We tend to put a lot on those feelings. In fact, sometimes we put so much on those feelings, we push eating the right things, and taking the right supplements, far into the background. Or we forget about them altogether.


The Diet Side Of Diet And Supplementation


Be honest: How many of us are burning more hours and effort on gym memberships, making time to exercise, and other activities in that vein, as opposed to spending a little more time in our kitchens? As important as it is to remain physical, we aren’t going to accomplish much without a diet that focuses on things like legumes and plant-based fats. This same diet also needs to stay far away from processed foods, high amounts of certain sugars, and more. We may need exercise, but we honestly need a good diet a whole lot more. With a good diet, you stand to gain the energy needed to have a full, active day.


Don’t give up sports, jogging, or whatever you do to engage your body, mind, and spirit with the world around you. All of these things, and other activities, have considerable importance. That importance doesn’t have to be limited to hopeful physical benefits of exercise. Simply keep in mind that you can burn a lot of calories just by giving yourself the energy to do everything you want to do, over the course of a single day. Add in casual exercise or physical activity, and you’re a lot closer to that balance than you ever were before. It simply comes down to putting more time and energy towards the things you could accomplish in your kitchen. We are talking about planning and building great meals for the week, learning how to become a smarter shopper, and much more. Most of us don’t even spend as much time in our kitchens as we’d like, to say nothing of how much we should be there in the first place.


Let’s break it down one more time: If you are trying to find enough time for the gym and shopping/eating right, take some of that time you were allotting for the gym. Put it towards spending more time in the kitchen. Better habits with buying and preparing food will give you more energy. This energy in turn will simply compel you to enjoy the most active lifestyle possible. Different people have different levels or needs with diet and exercise, but all of this is a good summary of what almost all of us should try to obtain. 



How To Properly Supplement


When we understand fully that diet and exercise are important, but only part of your journey to better health, things start to become a little easier to understand. The next step is to look for vitamins, supplements, and similar products to fill in those gaps that we mentioned earlier. This is perhaps the best way to take the strongest possible control of your life. With the right daily approach to diet, exercise, and supplements, the sky is pretty much going to be the limit.

Supplements are now available in a variety of different products and forms. Unfortunately, not all of these products are created equally. Chemical extraction, which can be used to create products related to concentrated hemp oil and fulvic, strips supplements of their vital elements. It breaks down the chains and other processes that create things we can still find naturally in the soil. Companies that focus on quantity over quality will leave customers with vitamins and supplements that aren’t going to do much of anything. Some of these products can even cause health problems.

 The right supplements can work well with just about any lifestyle. The supplements and other items we offer at Optimally Organic can be useful to virtually anyone. However, with the right approach to embracing diet and exercise can be combined with these supplements to create profound, long-term effects.


We Can Help You Make Some Changes


At Optimally Organic, our Total Wellness Protocol can help you to meet your supplementation needs. You can also use the Total Wellness Protocol to understand two things:

  • Not only is diet/nutrition more important than exercise, but so is cleansing! Without a proper cleanse, you are not going to have the blank slate your body needs to fully benefit from changing your diet and supplementation habits.
  • Your approach to nutrition has to change entirely. Check out our recent article on the Optimally Organic food pyramid for more information. You can also use the Total Wellness Protocol to help you learn more about changing your relationship to nutrition.

In addition to the new Optimally Organic food pyramid, as well as the Total Wellness Protocol, we can cover some basics here, as well. Before we get to that, check out our Optimally Organic food pyramid. This should give you an idea of what you should be emphasizing in your diet:

Starting Over From Scratch


The Optimally Organic Total Wellness Protocol can help you start from scratch. Utilizing a comprehensive cleanse, you can create a blank canvas from which to start to make the improvements we have been talking about. If you feel as though you need to rebuild the relationship between diet and exercise, removing the toxins, heavy metals, and other undesirables that are lurking in our bodies will put you on the best path possible. 


Next, look for more ways to spend more time in your kitchen. The balance between diet and exercise means focusing on more time towards shopping, preparing meals, and building menus that can be ideal for your tastes and lifestyle. Coconut Oil, fruit powders, and supergreens are just a few of the products from Optimally Organic that can help you make the transition to a healthier diet more enjoyable. These products will also provide you with many of the crucial vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to be happy. Don’t throw out your gym membership. Continue to engage any and all athletic activities that you enjoy. Certainly, don’t be afraid to look for new things to try, as well. 


The Perfect Diet


The focus of your diet should be on the following:

  • Whole grains
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Beans
  • Leafy green vegetables

You can also make room for the following in your new diet, which should be enjoyed in moderation:

  • Organic eggs
  • Grass-fed, organic, non-pasteurized, non-homogenized yogurt, milk, and cheese.
  • Organic, non-processed chicken
  • Fruit
  • Raw oils and plant fat
  • At the same time, fight the impulse to create a perfect 50-50 partnership between diet and exercise. Again, look for the balance that makes sense for your tastes and lifestyle. For many people, a 70-30 or 80-20 partnership between diet and exercise works best. In the end, it is entirely your decision to make.


Conclusion: How To Shop For Supplements


Finally, look for supplements and similar items to ensure you are getting the vitamins, antioxidants, elemental minerals, essential fats, enzymes, probiotics, trace minerals, and other items vital to health. Optimally Organic has everything you need to enhance your diet and exercise to an extraordinary degree. No, eating and exercising may not be enough separately, or even combined. Thankfully, with the right supplements and vitamins, you will get the most possible out of life.

 What we aren’t talking about is a dramatic upheaval of your life. All you need to do is research and reexamine the idea that diet and exercise are not enough for the best possible health. It would be nice if such a thing were possible. While we work to create a world that allows us to once again benefit absolutely from the soil, why not look to supplements and other products that will ensure you are getting everything your body needs?

Admitting that diet and exercise are not enough is not admitting to failure. We are nothing without the ability to take on new information, and to then put that information to work. Using everything outlined above, you can now move forward in making plans for your health and wellbeing. You are going to be more confident in this endeavor than ever before. That’s because you now understand all of this comes down to knowing how to create a process for your life that makes sense for you.