Acai Berry Powder: Benefits And Uses

  • Authors: Christopher and Dana VanDeCar (Owners and Founders of Optimally Organic)
  • Editor: Gabriel Ricard
  • Webmaster: Xavier Clapin-Pépin



By now, you have probably seen something about the acai berry on health blogs, or perhaps, in the media. The acai has become celebrated by individuals from all walks of life for promising a wide range of superfood health benefits. Is an organic acai product something that is worth getting excited about? Are the health benefits associated with freeze dried acai legitimate health benefits?

With a little bit of research, you will find that the health benefits of Optimally Organic’s Acai Berry Powder are definitely for real. An acai powder such as ours is a great way to enjoy everything that these berries can do for the body and mind. It can be extremely valuable to learn more about the health benefits. It can also be highly useful to learn why you need to take care, when it comes to shopping for a powder that will give you everything these berries promise. As you are going to learn, not all powder-based supplements/products are created exactly alike. There are ethical manufacturing processes that ensure the best possible product for people just like you. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers of acai berry products are handling those things in the exact same way. This even extends to the process by which the product is prepared for market. Even packaging is something that you are going to want to keep in mind.

Thankfully, we’re going to take you through all of the different factors you should weigh, if you are committed to finding the best possible freeze dried acai product available. When you do so, you are going to be able to enjoy everything the powder has to offer.

What Are Acai Berries?

Berries in general receive a lot of good press for their potential health benefits, and for the way you can utilize them in a variety of different ways (raw, in smoothies, etc). The acai is one of the most popular berries, in terms of taste and potential benefits, and it isn’t hard to understand why that is the case. Found in the Amazon rainforests, this berry has had a reputation for a long time for benefitting your energy levels, your immune system, and much more. Organic acai has had this reputation for centuries in certain circles, but it has become more popular with consumers in recent years.

There are a number of different reasons as to why people are so fond of these berries:


1. Good heart health: In the same way that red wine contains a number of anthocyanins, which is an antioxidant known for supporting balanced cholesterol levels, the acai berry is an optimal fruit for good heart health. They can relax your blood vessels, improve your general blood composition, and support strong circulation in the body.

2. Undesirable organisms: Can these berries help to combat undesirable organisms in the human body? A good deal of research suggests that this is indeed the case!

3. Weight loss: These days, we are particularly interested in powders for their promise to help us lose weight. When you find a product that is made with organic, natural ingredients, and features a similar process that brings it to your home, a number of different powders can be used to help you lose weight. Freeze dried acai powder can do the same, and you can thank the weight-loss potential of the acai for that. These berries can work well towards reducing fat deposits.

4. Good skin health: Are you using chemical-based skin products? While these products can do the things they advertise, you still want to exercise a certain amount of caution in what you are ultimately putting on your face and body. You may find acai oil as one of the ingredients, but why not go straight to the source? Exceptional skin health has been touted for years and years as a major benefit eating/drinking these berries?

5. Digestion: The detox benefits of these berries is impressive, to say the least. They are also a fantastic source of dietary fibers. These berries can work wonders, in terms of maintaining a healthy, functional digestive system.

6. Immune system: The polyphenolic compounds that you can find in the acai berry have been linked to reducing the number of malfunctioning cells in the human body.

7. Energy boost: People love Optimally Organic’s acai powder for the fact that it can provide them with a safe, effective, long-term energy boost. Your stamina will improve, and you will be better equipped to deal with things like fatigue and exhaustion.

8. Mental functions: While the research linking acai berries to better cognitive abilities and healthful brain aging is still ongoing, the preliminary results on both of those fronts has been extremely encouraging thus far.

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The above represents just a sampling of the benefits of acai berry powders. Keep in mind that you can enjoy many of these benefits by simply eating the berries. However, a powder can provide you with a better, more rounded nutritional experience. It can also be the best way to enjoy the benefits of the berries, but without the downside of having to constantly replenish a supply of a perishable food item.

To that end, there are several things that are worth remembering, when it comes to shopping around for the best product possible. At Optimally Organic, we believe that you will enjoy the full range of organic acai perks when you buy the very best powder available. There are several factors to weigh, as we mentioned earlier. Paying attention to freeze-dried powders and spray-dried powders is one thing. You will also want to be aware of the citric acid content of your powder. Even the subject of seeds is something that can influence your search for an ideal product. With all of these things taken into account, you will be able to see why Optimally Organic offers an ideal solution for those who are curious about trying an acai powder to help them lose weight, gain more energy, digest their foods and drinks more effectively, improve overall brain function, and so much more.



Freeze-Dried Acai Berry Powder Or Spray Dry Acai Berry Powder

All of the acai powders on the market can be pretty much broken down into two significant categories. There are powders made using a freeze-drying process, and then there are powders that utilize a spray-drying process. Which one is going to give you the best end result possible? There are a few different factors that you are going to want to weigh.

Spray-drying is popular with companies because it allows them to not only save money, but to get larger quantities out the door and on to shelves. While those benefits make sense to companies that care more about bottom lines than human beings, it can be extremely problematic for consumers. No, you won’t die from drinking an acai powder that utilizes spray-drying, but you also won’t be able to enjoy all of the benefits associated with the acai either. Spray-drying also has the perk of being much, much faster than freeze-drying. However, something important is lost in that spray-drying process. Efficacy, taste, smell, color, and even the nutritional value of the acai berry can be eradicated through the use of spray-drying. This is largely because the process works so quickly, it is impossible to take the time that is needed to preserve the benefits of the berry properly.

Freeze-drying is different. While it takes longer, and often costs the manufacturer a little more, all of the benefits that were mentioned at the top of this post are maintained. Freeze-drying is also safer, in the sense that it uses a slower process that is free of any outside materials or influences. Again, while it does take a little longer, and it does cost a little more, it is the best way by far to ensure you are getting everything from organic acai that you hoped to enjoy.

Acai Berries And Citric Acid

Citric acid may not sound like something you need to pay attention to, when it comes to something like a freeze dried acai product, but it is worth taking seriously all the same. By law, acai powders that come to the market in the United States must contain a certain amount of citric acid. Why? One of the more noted downsides to these berries is that they are highly unstable. That doesn’t mean they are unsafe. It simply means that the berries are quite fragile. Transporting them from one location to another can be challenging. This is certainly the case, when it comes to berries imported from the Amazon rainforest, all the way to the United States. Citric acid functions as a powerful means of preserving the integrity of the berries in every possible way.

However, using citric acid to preserve these berries can also prove to be extremely problematic. When you look at an acai powder, pay special attention to the color of the powder. The berry itself offers a hue that can best be described as very deep, and very purple. The lighter the powder, the less effective the powder is going to prove to be. At Optimally Organic, we only put 1% citric acid into each package of the powder. This is the lowest amount of citric acid that is legally allowed by law. Most companies put as much as 5% citric acid in their powder. While the citric acid will help the acai berries to last longer, 5% citric acid can deplete many of the essential elements to the berries that make them so beneficial. Keeping in mind that the more citric acid you add, the lighter the powder is going to be, many powders with the 5% citric acid will be red in color, rather than purple. While it isn’t going to hurt you, you will still want to appreciate the unfortunate fact that you won’t be able to get the full benefits of an acai berry powder.


Finally, let’s discuss the issue of seeds. Ground seeds aren’t going to kill you, and they aren’t going to lead to acai berry side effect. However, you can certainly agree that ground seeds in a powder product can prove to be highly annoying. Imagine getting these ground seeds in your teeth, or imagine finding them at the bottom of a rich, delicious smoothie. While they aren’t going to cause any health problems, we can still safely bet that you’d rather enjoy a nutritional product that doesn’t involve the tedious, uncomfortable task of picking little seeds out of your teeth.

Because a number of companies fail to take proper care in manufacturing their powder, you are going to find ground seeds in a lot of different organic acai powder packages. These companies also like the fact that the seeds can add a considerable amount of weight to the package. This is definitely a benefit to the supplier, but it isn’t going to do you any favors.

Keeping in mind everything mentioned above, buying smart when it comes to buying an acai powder can end with a perfect, multifaceted superfood experience. While it’s true that you have to pay a little more for a high-quality powder, as opposed to some of your other options, you are making a strong investment in your health plans for the future. A careful production process, which includes spray-drying, eliminating unpleasant seeds, and using the lowest amount of citric acid allowed by U.S. law, ensures you will enjoy all of the benefits of acai berries. Better blood circulation, which is one of the biggest benefits to these berries, can even help to transform your libido for the better! Furthermore, the phytochemicals that are found in these berries can also be highly useful as an anti-aging element. Oxidative damage is one of the biggest reasons behind visible signs of aging. These berries have the potential to not only slow down the process of aging, but it can even reverse certain aspects of getting older!

With perks like these, it makes sense to want to ensure you are buying a product that will do everything it promises to offer.