Red Pine Needle Oil (2oz Bottle)

Red Pine Needle Oil (2oz Bottle)

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Red Pine Needle Oil from the Pinus densiflora had great success in supporting the body's natural immune function against parasitical attacks, while an immune booster during elimination. This is particularly important because as parasites die off, they create increased toxicity in the body.



RED PINE OIL (pinus densiflora)

Red Pine Oil, also known as Korean or Japanese Red Pine Needle Oil, is harvested from wild trees in the mountains of Korea.  Our 100% all-natural and pure Red Pine Needle Oil comes in a 2-ounce dropper glass bottle.  

"There have been studies and success where Red Pine Needle Oil can help the body resist and eliminate attacks from parasites. When parasites die in a person’s body, it can cause an increased level of toxicity. However, in combination with our Fulvic Ionic Minerals and Essiac Tea, this cleansing process is made more tolerable. Any type of toxic flushing can be difficult, but with the help of our Red Pine Oil and our additional supplements, it can be easier to combat."

Try our Korean Red Pine Oil and see why it has been a part of oriental medicine for thousands of years. Our Pine Oil is an amazing natural source of chlorophyll, which is nearly identical to hemoglobin, an oxygen-carrying agent found in our blood. During the absorption of chlorophyll, it is converted to blood, which contributes to the absorption of nutrients into our cells.  

Additional benefits of Korean Red Pine Oil include its high levels of iron, protein, beta-carotene and vitamin A. These nutrients contribute to the protection against harmful viruses and bacteria, parasites, fungus, mold and yeast. 

Optimally Organic’s Red Pine Needle Oil has contributed to being an amazingly potent part of the beauty regimen. When taken daily, in recommended dosage, it can reduce the aging process. It energizes cells that are aging, with instant effects. Pine Oil can greatly improve skin’s natural elasticity, and can even improve sagging. There have been success stories of grayed hair returning to its natural shade, and even the regrowth of hair, when consuming our Red Pine Oil on a daily basis.  

Korean Red Pine Oil must be derived from trees grown in their natural habitat, without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or GMO.  All of the oil used in our Red Pine Oil products comes from trees grown in their native forests. We adhere to eco-friendly harvesting practices that ensure the natural, pure and health benefits of our products.  

"Other sources of Red Pine Needle Oil come from GMO farmed trees in Korea."

Red Pine Needle Oil is the only type of Pine Oil safe for internal consumption. The purpose of our Red Pine Needle Oil is for the cleansing parasites in a safe and effective way. 

As a result of the small size of the C10 molecule that is contained in our Pine Oil, it can pass easily through the entire body. Some of the many benefits included in this supplement are:

  • Increase in mental clarity
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Encourages weight loss
  • Rebuilds and rejuvenates cells
  • Motivates healthy digestion

For more than 4,000 years, traditional Oriental medicine has administered Red Pine Oil for a multitude of uses and health benefits. Many medical books detailing these uses have shown numerous cases covering a period of hundreds of years. It has stood the test of time, and is still used today, to improve health, strength, mental faculties, and more. 


Many people commonly mistake Red Pine Needle Oil for pine nut oil; however, they are entirely different in every way. They are derived from different sections of the pine tree, and therefore share no commonalities. Pine nut oil does not contain any of the essential ingredients or nutrients of Pine Needle Oil. Unfortunately, pine nut oil does not offer any of the health benefits found in Pine Needle Oil. 

Dosage and Recommended Usage:

Our Red Pine Needle Oil, although fresh and exhilarating, can be extremely strong in taste. If you cannot handle the strong taste of medicines or pure oils, you might want to consider our capsule form.

For Adults, consume 5 to 7 drops of our liquid Red Pine Oil daily; it can be diluted in water or juice to reduce the strong flavor.  ?Alternatively, take one 450mg capsule, per day, with meals during the first week; increase up to 3 capsules, daily, thereafter.

For Children, dilute 1 drop (per 30 lb.) of our liquid Red Pine Oil 1 to 3 times, daily, in purified water or juice. Alternatively, take one 450mg capsule daily (per 30 lb. of body weight). We have received testimonials that our customers’ children have had a great reduction in sick days at school as a result of our Red Pine Oil product. 

Combine with our Optimally Organic Fulvic Ionic Minerals to receive the best possible absorption.

Topical Uses: Apply only to affected area at full or diluted concentration. Avoid contact with eyes or nostrils. Do not make contact with clothing or upholstery, as solution will stain. 

For Parasite Detox and Therapeutic Recommendations:

Adults: Take 7 drops of our Pine Oil up to 3 times, per day, until parasite detox is accomplished; reduce to 7 drops, per day, afterward, to prevent re-infestation. Alternatively, take three (3) 450mg capsules 3 times, daily, until parasite detox is accomplished; reduce to 1 to 2 capsules, daily, afterward, to prevent re-infestation. To see the best possible results, combine with our Fulvic Ionic Minerals, Essiac Tea, and Chaga Mushroom.   Cut all sugar, flour, fruit, fruit juice and processed foods from the diet.  Use for 60-90 days, then stop for 2 weeks and focus on increasing gut flora with fermented foods or our Optimally Organic 100 Wild Plant Enzymes.

Korean Red Pine Oil is not intended for pregnant or nursing women, or those trying to become pregnant. Studies have shown that livestock that consume Red Pine Needles during pregnancy have suffered miscarriages and experienced detrimental health. 



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We just starded taking and we feel much better!
It is very wonderful oil! Review by Squart / (Posted on 2/20/2015)
I keep this in my medicine cabinet...
I keep this in my medicine cbinet and now my boyfriend uses it and wanted me to order him some . He says his athlete foot is now gone! Review by susan / (Posted on 1/30/2015)