Cupuacu Powder

Cupuacu Powder

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Our whole fruit organic cupuacu is nutrient dense, packed with living enzymes, an excellent source of bioavailable, whole food antioxidants, and vitamin C complex! Known as a pharmacy in a fruit it also boasts high levels of vitamins A and B complex, potassium, fiber, and essential fatty acids! Raw Wild-Crafted Cupuacu Powder is grown in fertile, well drained soil in the canopy of the Brazilian rain forest; available in ¼ pound and ½ pound sizes.



Wild-Crafted Freeze-Dried Cupuacu Powder

Grown in fertile, well drained soil in the canopy of the Brazilian rainforest, Cupuacu is considered the most promising of all fruits from the lush Amazon. Cupuacu is part of the Cacao family and has a prized exotic taste, combining elements of chocolate, bananas, and passion fruit.

Cupuacu contains unique polyphenols (antioxidant phytonutrients) called theograndins that have incredibly potent antioxidant properties found nowhere else on earth. 9 other powerful antioxidant, including vitamins A and C, making a truly full spectrum antioxidant. This incredible  raw wholefood supplement is also filled with essential fatty acids, amino acids, phosphorous, fiber, and vitamins B1, B2 and B3 (Niacin). With such a rich profile and deliciously exotic taste, you will see why Cupuacu is considered a delicacy throughout South America!

Raw Cupuacu Powder is a complete source of vitamin C complex capable of efficiently nourishing every cell in the body!

Brazilian Cupuacu is an extraordinary source of vitamin C complex found only in raw wholefood supplement. vitamin C complex is not a vitamin that can be removed or isolated from its food source. Traditional vitamin C supplements are merely ascorbic acid or ascorbate. Dr. Lee, a highly respected nutritionist, found ascorbic acid or asorbate chemical duplicated from the vitamin C complex, which alone provides little benefit as it is merely the covering or shell that protects the various factors within the vitamin C complex. Dr. Albert Szent Gvorgi, the discoverer of vitamin C, proved isolated Ascorbic Acid is totally ineffective, particularly in cases of scurvy, a condition easily eradicated with whole food sources of vitamin C complex like Cupuacu.

The ascorbic acid in vitamin C supplements provides no therapeutic benefit without its synergists, Rutin, Tyrosinase, P factors and J factors, found only in the Vitamin C complex of raw whole foods like Raw Cupuacu Powder.

Doctor Lee proved it is impossible for vitamins to function in a chemically isolated form, which is why people find little to no benefit when taking traditional vitamin and mineral supplements. Even worse, they often burden bodily systems and the liver that are secreted through urine. He found vitamin C complex contents are not only the commonly extracted ascorbic acid, but also consists of rutin as well as P factors and J factors. P factors act to enhance capillary and vessel wall strength, while J factors increase the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. The organic copper enzyme tyrosinase is also present at the center of Vitamin C complex. These factors and many others are protected by a surrounding shell of ascorbic acid, considered the antioxidant guard. Dr. Lee proved using just the ascorbic acid would be like cooking a meal but eating only the plate! The vitamin C complex in foods like Cupuacu is quickly and efficiently absorbed and utilized by every cell in the body, surpassing competition with a unique taste and extraordinary levels of a very special antioxidant.

Cupuacu is traditionally used by indigenous peoples as a major food source. Many new benefits have now been discovered!


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Great web site and products!
This is a most interesting site for healthy foods and other nutrients. Please email me a newsletter! Review by Laura / (Posted on 3/1/2015)
The benefits of this product are SUPER amazing!
Oh.. I'm so happy that Optimally Organic company sells this wonderful product. The benefits of this product are SUPER amazing, specially keeping the blood system running efficiently, it is a super antioxidant to prevent he body from aging too fast. I will order from Optimally Organic, as their price is a little better and they have excellent service. Review by Maria Clarisa / (Posted on 2/2/2015)
Great! I am re-ordering and will continue to use Capuacu especially when I can't cook at home!
This is expensive (for me) but even taking Maqui, Maca, golden berries and other wonderful super foods I find I crave a little capuacu every day and when I have it I don't have other cravings or feel inclined to eat rubbish.
Review by Anissa Tai / (Posted on 1/8/2015)