Chaga Mushrooms (American)

Chaga Mushrooms (American)

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Raw American Chaga is an Extreme Antioxidant with an ORAC of over 40,000! For centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners used Chaga for general health, longevity and beauty and as a remedy for many serious health conditions.


American Chaga Mushroom

Raw American chaga is an extreme antioxidant with an ORAC of over 40,000! For centuries, traditional Chinese practitioners used chaga for general well-being, longevity, and beauty; it is a remedy for many serious conditions. Our Chaga is extracted from premium grade American Chaga harvested from white birch forests existing in the most extreme climactic conditions of Maine; available in ½ pound and 1 pound sizes.

Our pure, raw American chaga (inonotus obliquus) mushroom loose tea is low heat dried and cut for use in tea bags or tea strainers; produced under the strictest organic conditions and has been certified organic. Never heated or irradiated and contains no additives or preservatives.

How you feel is even better than how you look? With chaga mushroom you can do both!

American Chaga has an ORAC of about 40,000 and is one of the highest natural vitamin B source on earth! Chaga is one of nature’s oldest therapeutic herbs. Some would say it has been touted worldwide as the king of herbs, and a precious gift from nature. For centuries, traditional Chinese practitioners used chaga for general longevity, beauty, and as a remedy for different common aliments that plague millions of people every day. Over 1400 modern scientific publications indicate these components could offer solutions to many conditions.

Chaga Mushroom draws its nutrients out of living birch trees, rather than from the ground. American Chaga contains large amounts of betulinic acid in a form that can be ingested orally, as well as the full spectrum of immune-stimulating phytochemicals found in other therapeutic mushrooms such as maitake mushroom and shiitake mushroom.

Not all Chaga is created equal!

Optimally Organic's Raw Chaga is natural and harvested in the wild. Our raw wild-crafted American chaga contains incredibly high amounts of beta glucans, saponins, amino acids, belulinic acid, and natural minerals. Our chaga is extracted from premium grade American chaga, harvested from white birch forests existing in the most extreme climactic conditions of Maine. The high mountains and the environmental purity is what yields premium chaga mushroom with high anti-oxidant value. This sets apart our chaga from the rest of them! They contain over 215 phytonutrients, have 25 to 50 times more SOD antioxidants than agarigus, CoQ 10, vitamin C, and wild blueberries, rated among the highest on the antioxidant scale of measurement. Soviet research on chaga mushroom showed a potent mixture of adaptogens.

Should not be used together with intravenous applications of glucose and penicillin, on babies and young children, or if allergic reactions occurs. If pregnant or lactating, consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Note: Chaga is odorless and free of any bitter aftertaste. Do not boil or microwave chaga mushroom. It is recommended that you should limit meat and fats, smoked products, and strong spices. Milk and vegetable diet is recommended when using chaga mushroom. Store chaga in a dark and dry place.

Directions: Chaga can be made like coffee or tea. Do not boil as the high heat can destroy its benefits, instead pour hot water over the chaga in a cup and let steep for 10 to 15 minutes before drinking. May use of a tea strainer or tea bag, though the chaga tends to settle to the bottom of the cup, which makes for easy drinking. For optimal results, use in conjunction with Fulvic Ionic Minerals.


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Highly recommended
We are using these regularly to flavor homemade soups. You can absolutely tell the difference. It adds a richness and a wonderful undertone to the food. We use it other ways also; this our favorite. Review by Debi / (Posted on 5/25/2015)
It tasted a little bid bitter. but is very pleasant.
I am a life long user. My number drink during the day. Review by Bonnie / (Posted on 3/19/2015)
I will be a life long user.
I had been using Chaga Mushroom since September 2014. It is my number one daily drink, gives me the energy that needed for the day. I use many products form Optimally Organic and I am very grateful for them. Can't wait to try more.. Review by Bonnie / (Posted on 3/19/2015)
Makes you feel healthy
I absolutely love this stuff! It makes you feel healthy. The taste is a cross between coffee and tea. It's one of the best products I've tried, and I will continue to use. Review by DJ / (Posted on 12/11/2014)